Tropico 4 game cheats

Tropico 4 game cheats

Tropico 4 game cheats:
How to use: Enter the game interface and enter the cheat code directly, no need to enter other cases
Trabajono-Unlock all missions
Speedygonzales-speed up construction
Iamthestate-all edicts can be used immediately
Elpollodiablo-direct win
Muchopesos-add $100,000
Whiskey -US relations +20
Nowhiskey -US relations -20
Vodka-Soviet relations +20
Novodka -Soviet relations -20
Twoheadedllama -Visitors praise +100
Pachangasi-increase the praise of the people
Dinggratz-increase worker experience, all students graduate
Cheguevara-the rebels attack the building
downwiththetyrant-the rebels attack your castle
generalpenultimo-military coup
Civilwar-People’s Uprising
Vivala0-random event
Vivala1-killer incident
Vivala2-hostage incident
Vivala3-bomb incident
Vivala4-strike event
Vivala5-media event

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