Tropico 3 game cheats

Tropico 3 game cheats

Tropico 3 game cheats

Enter the following cheats directly in the game to get the corresponding effect:
trabajono⇒Open all missions
speedygonzales ⇒ fast building
iamthestate⇒Edicts (edicts) can take effect immediately
elpollodiablo⇒Win immediately
whiskey⇒American relations +20
nowhiskey⇒US relations -20
vodka⇒Soviet relations +20
novodka⇒Soviet relations -20
twoheadedllama⇒Visitors praise +100
pachangasi⇒Improve the praise of the people
dinggratz⇒Improve worker experience, all students graduate
cheguevara⇒Rebels attack the building
downwiththetyrant⇒Rebels attack the castle
generalpenultimo ⇒ trigger a military coup
civilwar⇒ trigger a people’s uprising
vivala0⇒ trigger random events
vivala1 ⇒ trigger the killer event
vivala2⇒ trigger hostage event
vivala3 ⇒ trigger a bomb event
vivala4 ⇒ trigger strike event
vivala5 ⇒ trigger media event

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