Trine game cheats

Will not die
1. Under Trine\config, open options.txt.
2. Add the following text to the file:
show_enemy_tactical = 0
script_dev_mode = 0
allow_side_swap = 1
show_paths = 0
autoaim_horizontal = 1
autoaim_vertical = 1
player_demo_invulnerability = 1
3. Save, and change the file attribute to read only.
Weapon magic upgrade/items, skills start/explosion/Ragdoll, etc.
1. Under Trine\binds\keyboard\0 (“0” is Default Configulation, for example, if you use Custom Configulation 1, go to “Trine\binds\keyboard\1”, and so on), open keybinds.txt
2. Add the following text to the file:
run_script_4 = 0
run_script_16 = t
run_script_2 = 4
run_script_3 = g
run_script_5 = v
run_script_6 = f
run_script_7 = y
run_script_8 = 9
3. Save, and change the file attribute to read only.
4. After entering the game:

Press the 0 button: all weapons/magic upgrade one level
– The original level is 0, and the upper limit is 2; more than 2 will return to 0

Press the 9 button: all items, skills start

– Note that the system will think that you have opened all treasure chests-that is, two secrets for each level,
All secrets that have not been found before will no longer be added to the stats.
The system stores these data in real time
In other words, after pressing 9 once, even if you press Alt-F4 to exit and restart the game,
You can no longer find new secrets.

Press the t key: Go back to the previous Check Point
– Same function as Return to Last Check Point in Pause Menu.
If you use the above undead modification, if you fall into the pit and get stuck,
You can press this button to quickly return to the previous Check Point.

Press g key: explode at character position
– Rest assured that you will not get hurt, and slowly appreciate the power of Physx…

Press the y key: Ragdoll test
– Try to use it when Knight is swinging a sword or when Mage is standing on the edge of a breach like a broken suspension bridge,
You may have new discoveries…

Press the f key: the character moves up

Press the v key: move the character forward

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