Transistor game cheats

Turn on the Cheat mode built into the game Transistor

The game has a built-in Cheat mode, no modifier required

Activation method: right-click the game shortcut on the desktop, select properties, add the following parameters after the original command line xxxxxx/Transistor.exe /c ..\, and separate multiple parameters with spaces.

Example: Display frame rate + God mode, then change the command line to xxxxxx/Transistor.exe /c ..\ -ShowFPS=true -GodMode=true

(PS: x86 and x64 shortcuts are the same modification)

Some useful parameters:

-ShowFPS=true display frame rate and other information

-GodMode=true God Mode

-Invincibility=true no injury mode

-DirectLoad=XXXX Load the map directly XXX (XXX is the map name, such as Welcome01 for the first level)

-GuranteeCrit=true always knows how to strike

-DisableDamage=true Ignore bullet damage

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