Toxikk game cheats

Toxikk game cheats

Toxikk game cheats

Press ~ in the game to enter:
God⇒God Mode
Fly⇒Airplane mode
Ghost⇒Ghost (through the wall) mode
Walk⇒Exit flight and ghost mode
Allweapons⇒Get all weapons
Allammo⇒Unlimited weapons and ammunition
Addbots #⇒Increase the number of robots (# is a number, such as 16)
Slomo #⇒Set the game speed (# is a number, such as 10)
changesize 0.5⇒change character size (default is 1)
setgravity #⇒Set the gravity in the game (# is a number)
Note: The cheats are only valid in single player mode.

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