Total War Warhammer game weapons and arms modification cheats

Total War Warhammer game weapons and arms modification cheats

Total War Warhammer game weapons and arms modification cheats

1. The melee weapon modification file melee_weapons_tables can modify the attributes of various melee weapons. The important attributes are the normal damage in the 4th column and the armor damage in the 5th column. The better place for warhammers is that basically each race has different weapons. , So for example, if the weapon wh_main_grn_wolf_chariot is modified, only the green-skinned wolf cavalry weapon properties will change. However, it should be noted that this is all universal. If the Wolf Cavalry is modified, the player and the computer will change at the same time.

2. The eighth column of the projectiles_tables file is the firing range, and the tenth column is the firing angle. You can change some weapons with bad angles to 88. The soldiers on the wall will be very powerful. The 14th column is the normal damage, and the 15th column is the armor-piercing damage. It should be noted that the same as the melee weapon, the change is to change the whole family.

3. The basic attribute modification file land_units_tables can modify the various attributes of the arms. The 6 columns are charge, 12 attack, 13 defense, 14 morale, 15 single soldier HP, 23 melee weapons, 24 long-range weapons, 42 firing rate, 51 ammunition capacity , If 23, 24 are combined with 1, 2, then you can make a new weapon yourself, and then use it here.

4. Arms size modification file main_units_tables This can modify the maintenance cost of the arms, the number of single teams, 8 column is the number, 10 column is the amount of money consumed in custom battles, 14 is the number during naval battles, but now Warhammer has no naval battles. It is estimated that the automatic battle will be effective after the change, but it is better to be the same as the 8 change, which is more safe. 16 is the cost of recruitment for the campaign, and 19 is the maintenance cost of the campaign.

5. The battlefield building modification file battlefield_buildings_tables This can mainly modify the blood volume of the buildings on the battlefield. The fifth column is the blood volume. The wall of the arrow tower is here, but the number is huge, so you have to be patient…

6. Modification of skill points for generals and clerks character_experience_skill_tiers_tables This is a type of 1 column, 2 columns, 5 columns, and upgrades require experience. 6 Skill points obtained after upgrades. This change basically allows you to quickly fill up your skills. This is valid for all races.

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