Total War Shogun 2 game cheats

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General level, general experience, attribute points

*There are a lot of CHARACTER_ARRAYs here, look for the next CHARACTER, the third value is “General”. At present, I don’t have a very simple way to judge which entry is which general, but you can guess by looking at the experience value and skills. (Monks and ninjas, the one who pays the bill is also inside)
The top-to-bottom order of generals and officials is the same as in the game

Value (attribute points): the first

Value (level): second

Value (experience): third

The number of attribute points that can be allocated is very simple, the number is as many as several points (you can also use this to determine which general this item is).

The general’s level and experience need to be updated together. The value of the rank is zero for one star; one for two stars; two for three stars, and so on. The experience value is cumulative, so if the value is within 20, it will be one star, if it exceeds 20, it will become two stars, and so on.

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