Total Annihilation Kingdoms game cheats

Total Annihilation Kingdoms game cheats

Total Annihilation Kingdoms game cheats

Press [Enter] to enter the following cheats:
Cheats are effective in skirmish and multiplayer modes
+atm⇒Full of metal and energy
+doubleshot⇒Double the destructive power of the weapon
+zipper⇒Quick construction
+halfshot⇒The destructive power of the weapon is halved
+clock⇒Game clock
+kill <1-4>⇒Kill the player 0-4
+combustion⇒Kill all troops
+lushee⇒Limited resources increase
+infrared⇒Remove the fog of war
+bigbrother⇒Unit speaking effect
+tilt⇒Maximum number and resources
+lotsablood⇒More bloody
+nanolathing⇒Use Nanoolathing and metal twice
+meteor⇒Random meteor shower
+nameunit⇒Rename the unit
+fogcolor <1-256>⇒Change the fog color
+logo <1-9>⇒Change the opponent’s color
+lightrange <1-20>⇒ change the color of light and shadow
+vidmode⇒change screen resolution
+selectunits⇒deselected units
+f2menu⇒Display menu
+dither⇒Light dithering
+cdstart⇒CD music switch
+rollingfog⇒Mist effect (3D accelerator card required)
+wackyfog⇒Wavy fog effect (3D accelerator card required)
+wackywater⇒Water wave effect
+quit⇒Quit the game
Optional level method

In the menu player mode, after typing drdeath, click the dog bone under the Load Game option.

Quickly win in Skirmish or Multiplayer mode

At the beginning, build the airport immediately, then build some aircraft (at least five), and then use them to kidnap enemy commanders.

Use double dragon

You must choose the Aramon family, use the Monarch to destroy the opposite building until it becomes a shamen, then let him die, and then use him to build the dragon over there, so that you can get four dragons.

Note: This cheat is only applicable to skirmish mode


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