Torchlight game cheats

First, change the console:0 option to console:1 in the setting.txt file to open the console
After entering the game, press Shift+` to open the console and type the following command:
HELP shows a list of all cheats
CLS Clear console history
Room returns to the initial point of the layer where the character is located
fps display frame rate etc.
god god mode, invincible
speed Character walking and running speed increase
godspeed invincible + speed boost
damage shapes show damage types
aifreeze turn off/on monster ai
playernotarget monsters will not attack you
disablepet cancel pet
Levelup upgrade, increase experience value to the next level
reload reload the model
pathing shows the path taken by the character
combatlog combat log
sounddebug sound test mode
ascend next level
descend one level up
clearhistory clear the history of this level
missiletrails show long range attack trajectory
alwayscrit well, what you hit is always crit
debuglogic logic test
noxp you won’t increase your experience
money count (count is a number) give you money
statpoints count gives you attribute points
strength count gives you strength attribute points
dexterity count gives you agility attribute points
magic count gives you magic attribute points
defense count gives you defense attribute points
allstats count adds points to all your attributes
fame count gives you reputation
animationspeed fps motion animation frame rate adjustment, if your frame rate is high enough, your character movements are like doping
hurtme pct (percentage) How much to reduce the HP of you and your pet
resetstats reset attribute points (wash points)
resetskills reset skill points
resetplayerlevel reset the character level to one
resetpetlevel reset pet level
resetplayer reset all related characters
skillpoints count gives you skill points
setpetlevel level (level value) Set the level of your pet
cameradistance mult The camera is locked at close range, it is recommended not to open it, the game will crash
skill name/index (name/number) If you only hit skill, it will display the skill list, and add the name or number to learn this skill
skilltest skill test, allows you to use the skills of other occupations
item index, count Only hit item and only display a list of all monsters
item itemName (item name), count gives you how many items you entered
identifyall identify all unidentified items in your bag
any index,count just type any to display all units list
editorobject objectname,count Create an item by yourself for testing
unit unitname,count create a unit for testing
spawnclass spawnclassName (type of monster to be refreshed), count, level (level) Spawn monsters, only spawnclass will display all monster types, add the following is to specify the type, number, and level of monsters, if the input level is 0 or a negative number , The current level is the level
monster index, count is similar to the previous one
monster monsterName,count are similar to the previous one
dungeon dungeonName enter the dungeon you want to enter
restartlevel Reset the current level
quests show a list of all tasks
questactive questName (task name) activate the task you want to take
questcompelete questName complete this task
questreset questName reset missed/unfinished tasks
showblood anti-harmony mode
difficulty shows the current game difficulty
setdifficulty index Set the difficulty of the game

Relevant equipment building:
Since the torch will automatically save the game after closing the game, it is impossible to build equipment by closing the game like fate, so you can only rely on the backup copy and save method.
The location of the game save
X:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\runic games\torchlight\save
Find your archive, back it up, and build it. If it’s not the attribute you want, or nothing happened, or the more tragic equipment is washed out (my orange weapon has been washed out several times), go back to the initial menu , Overwrite with the previously backed up archive, re-read, and so on
In fact, this game does not have to be so troublesome to wash equipment, because there is no LAN function at present, no matter how good the equipment is, you can only high by yourself

Use the console to change equipment:

First change the CONSOLE item in AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchligh\settings.txt to 1
After entering the game, press shift+~ to open the console

Type help to see the available commands

Most of the commands are easier to understand. Here is mainly about adjusting equipment and items

For the equipment, enter armor directly on the console and press Enter to see the equipment list. Whenever you see a number before the equipment, enter the armor number (there is a space between the armor numbers) and the equipment will appear on the ground near you.

But it’s difficult to find the equipment you want. Look at the icons of the existing equipment. There are categories in the upper right corner.

In fact, the classification of console items can be very detailed. For example, if you want to find the head, you can lose the helmet, if you want to find the shoes, you can lose the boots. If you want to find the yellow outfit and purple outfit, add unique in the front (such as unique chest armor)

The cost of using the console is:

1. The use of public warehouses is prohibited
2. The title of “liar” is added after the name

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