Top Gun Combat Zones Game Cheats

Top Gun Combat Zones Game Cheats

Top Gun Combat Zones game cheats:
After choosing NEW GAME, I found that only F14 can be used, and I have to play every level…
I chose QUICK START and found that a lot of items are LOCKED. Put it there to tempt you and tell you that there are 8 types of aircraft, but only 1 type…
Then let’s choose any kind of airplane, it doesn’t matter if the LOCKED one is LOCKED, choose the last one on the map, ARCTIC 6, choose START, of course you can’t get in…
Press [ESC] to jump back to the main menu, and then select QUICK START… Actually I went in… The plane you are using is the LOCKED plane, and the map is also ARCTIC 6
The order of the 8 types of aircraft is: F14 F18 F22 F4 F35 VF23 V22 AV-8 (Harrier)
Since the EASY and AIR-AIR modes are selected, the opponent only has 6 planes. Kill them all. The score does not matter. After passing the level, F18, F22, and F4 are all activated and can be selected directly, and the mission mode can also be used, ha ha
If the ACADEMY 15 is selected on the map, the air-to-ground and free flight modes in QUICK START will be activated.
F35 VF23 V22 AV8 is still not directly selectable, but it is good to have a good experience in QUICK START.

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