Toontown Online cheats

Toontown Online cheats

Toontown Online cheats

Free T Shirt
In the book at the “Enter Code” place. Enter “Get Connected”. It will unlock a Disney T shirt.

Flying In Party Grounds
First you have to go to a dance floor [20 or 10] next when you go to the dance floor at the same time your on the dance floor open your book if it shows the inside you did it right next turn all the way to the left or right.

Defeating The V.P
Defeating the vp may be hard at first because nobody wants to with a 50 laff point toon but as you get to 60 laff high laff toons start wanting to go with you. Anyway once you’re in the first battle with normal cogs and usually end up with an unusal duo a Mr. Hollywood and a Cold Caller. Don’t judge this fight by the looks of it because the V. P will usually send out more high cogs sfter a while. Once you get past that you get to face the hardest part of the whole V. P battle the skelicogs. They don’t play like the other cogs do they will take away 20-24 laff points, so if you’re under 40 laff points you’ll usually go back to the playground sad! If your higher then that and want to use some level 7 gags use them now! Once you get past the skelicogs all you have to do is face the V. P throw pies to stun him and when he’s stunned throw pies at is face or cheats and watch him fall!

Walking With Your Book Open
First you know the glitch how to walk in the air well its kind of similar you turn your back to the water get in chest deep then jump and while in the air open your book and instead of clicking go back to playground click on exit toontown and then when it says are you sure you want to exit toontown walk and you will be walking with your book open. P . S: I did it at my friend’s estate and am not sure if it works at donald’s dock.

Float In The Air
First you go to either Donald’s Dock or My Estate. Next, go to the edge of the water, but not all the way in (for Donald’s Dock, go to the the island in the middle of the playground.) Then, jump backwards and while in the air above the water, open your sticker book. You should be in the water reading your sticker book. Next, Click ‘Go Home’ or ‘Back to Playground’. Once you character closes Your sticker book, immediately start walking forward. If done correctly,you will be walking up in the air! if you want to, you can press Control to float on one level. Hope it works for you, and Good Luck in ToonTown!


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