Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness game cheats


Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness game cheats

Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness game cheats

The attributes of the game shortcut, add after the target: -selectlevel>

A window will appear, you can select the level to be loaded, the loaded is a dark empty room dedicated to storing items, which includes the canceled or unused items in the dark angel, including amulet, double Gun etc.

Change -selectlevel to -debugkeys to enter the debugging mode. At this time, you can press the following keys to achieve special functions:

F1: Switch window and full screen mode

F3: View game details (sound, control, texture, etc.)

F4: Switch slow motion/normal mode

F8: zoom in perspective Shift+F8: zoom in perspective

F9: Show/hide entrance (the “door” connecting the room)

F11: Switch frame/normal mode

b: Enter airplane mode. Use the Alt key to move with the arrow keys, and press the Ctrl key to switch back to normal mode. It seems that the author of Core Design humbly learned the flying patch and also used the way of swimming in the air instead of the awkward posture in the level editor.

Also interesting: {CoMpEiRa} In this debugging mode, press Esc to call up the menu, press the Tab key, and two new items will be added: Debug Menu and Skip Level.

Skip Level is to skip levels. There are many items in the Debug Menu.

Unfortunately, many of them don’t work, and there are many times when entering the Debug Menu or selecting some options will cause you to jump out of the game. Friends who have time can think about it. If you have any interesting findings, don’t forget to tell me or post it on the forum to share with you.

Cheat Modes are also included in the Debug Menu. Now you don’t need any modifiers or secrets. Here are ready-made ones. We can choose invincibility, stealth, all weapons and ammunition, etc. We can let Lara easily have two sets of double guns, even Curtis’s guns can be used, of course, without the corresponding animation, Lara will be empty-handed.

In addition, the parameters include reverbmanager, debugmenu, devcamera, timings, level, norun, padrecord, padplayback, benchmark, etc., which seem to have no effect after testing.


1. The executable file of some machines does not call traod.exe, but traod_p3.exe or traod_p4.exe, which can be changed according to the situation. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del when running the game, you can see which program is running.
Unlimited oxygen

Lara uses s/l Dafa when diving.

Display: R1 + L2 + R2 + △ + ○

Jump off: L1 + R2 + down + △ release, press ○, UP, □, △, right, down

The following is the name of the level

paris1: Parisian Back Streets (Parisian Back Streets)

paris1a: Derelict Apartment (Derelict Apartment)

paris1b: Carvier’s Apartment (Margot Carvier’s Apartment)

paris1c: Industrial Rooftops (Industrial Rooftops)

paris2_1: Parisian Ghetto (Parisian Ghetto)

paris2_2: Ghetto (Janice)

paris2_3: Jewish quarter (about to enter the park)

paris2b: Serpent Rouge Club (access via Bernard’s key)

paris2c: Rennes’s pawn shop (you can pawn your items)

paris2d: Ghetto pharmacy (actually, it’s boring to go to this place)

paris2e: St. Aicard’s Church (St. Aicard’s Church)

paris2f: Metro Cafe (Pierre refused to help)

paris2g: St. Aicard’s cemetery (enter through the gatekeeper, it belongs to the Bernard branch)

paris2h: Bouchard’s Hideout (Bouchard’s Hideout)

paris3: Louvre Storm Drains (Louvre Storm Drains)

paris4: Louvre Galleries (Louvre Galleries)

paris4a: Galleries Under Siege (Galleries Under Siege)

paris5: Tomb Of Ancients

paris5_1: The Hall Of Seasons (The Hall Of Seasons)

paris5_2: Neptune’s Hall (Water Temple)

paris5_3: Wrath Of The Beast (Wrath Of The Beast)

paris5_4: The Sanctuary Of Flame (The Sanctuary Of Flame)

paris5_5: The Breath Of Hades (The Breath Of Hades)

paris5a: The Archaeological Dig (The Archaeological Dig)

paris6: Von Croy’s Apartment (Von Croy’s Apartment)

prague1: The Monstrum Crime Scene (The Monstrum Crime Scene)

prague2: The Strahov Fortress (The Strahov Fortress)

prague3: The Bio-Research Facility (The Bio-Research Facility)

prague3a: Aquatic Research Area (Aquatic Research Area)

prague4: The Sanitarium (The Sanitarium)

prague4a: Maximum Containment Area (Maximum Containment Area)

prague5: The Vault Of Trophies (The Vault Of Trophies)

praque5a: Boaz Returns (Boaz Returns)

prague6: Eckhardt’s Lab (Eckhardt’s Lab)

prague6a: The Lost Domain (The Lost Domain)


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