Tomb Raider Anniversary game cheats

Play Lara in a 3D Box (Hidden Room)

How to access it:

1. Create the following file: <drive:>\TRAE\game\pc\TRAE.arg

Replace <drive:> with the drive where you installed TRAE on.
For example:
If you installed TRAE at: D:\Program Files\Tomb Raider Anniversary
then it would be: D:\TRAE\game\pc\TRAE.arg

2. Use a text editor (e.g. Notepad) to edit TRAE.arg: add just one text line as follows:
container1 -nomainmenu

It should be the first text line in the file, or it won’t work.

3. Start the game and enjoy! 😉

To stop playing in the box, just delete TRAE.arg or rename it to something else like TRAE_old.arg…

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