Tomb Raider 3 Adventures of Lara Croft Game Cheats

Tomb Raider 3 Adventures of Lara Croft Game Cheats

Tomb Raider 3 Adventures of Lara Croft Game Cheats

There are two ways to get the same cheats function:

1. After holding down the “shift” key, press the arrow keys “left, right, back, front” in turn (to move Lara one step at a time), release the “shift” key and squat down, and then Lara will rotate three times in place , Jump forward (clearance) or backward (full weapon) after getting up.

2. Take out the gun, hold down the “shift” key, press the arrow keys “back, forward” in turn, release the “shift” key and squat, then Lara turns three times in place, and jumps forward after getting up (pass) Or jump backward (full weapon).

Cheats for jumping levels and unlimited ammo

Take out the pistol, take a step backward, step forward, squat, stand up, go around three times in place, and then jump forward to advance to the next level, and jump backward to make the weapon and ammunition medicine pack full.


1. Don’t take the flares, Lara will explode.

2. A pistol must be equipped when using secret skills. If you use other weapons, please switch to a pistol first.

If you don’t have a pistol, you cannot use cheats. There are several situations where cheats cannot be used:

①The beginning of the second pass in Nevada among the three generations;

②Although there is this gun in Lara’s house-training chapter, the cheats cannot be used;

③There is also this gun in the last hidden level of the three generations-Hollow Journey, but the cheats cannot be used.

Secrets in Lara’s house:

1. At Lara’s house, first go to the swimming pool next to the training room, press the button behind the platform, go back to the right of the hall, find the mechanism exposed after the secret door is opened, pull down the lever, turn around, sprint, swoop and roll almost just opened You can see Lara’s spoils over the years by closing the stone gate.

2. The fireplace on the second floor of Lara’s aquarium has a secret way to climb upwards. Push back a prominent hardcover book in the bookcase opposite the fireplace to extinguish the fire in the fireplace. You can get a key at the bottom of the aquarium. With this key you can open the iron gate beside the garden, which contains a four-wheeled locomotive.

When accelerating, let go of the “forward” button and keep the accelerator button on, LARA will make a forward sliding motion, which is very cool. Let’s try it.

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