Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mission Pack Eagle Watch game cheats

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Mission Pack Eagle Watch game cheats

Press Enter in the game and enter the following password:

Cheats Effect
avatargod Single player invincible mode
teamgod Team invincible mode
eXPlore No need to meet mission completion conditions
5fingerdiscount Full ammo
nobrainer Turn off AI
turnpunchkick Switch to 2D mode
meganoggin Oversized head mode
bignoggin Big head mode
clodhopper Big hands and feet mode
stumpy Chunky mode
1-900 Breathing becomes intense
debugkeys Turn on Debug mode

Enter debugkeys in the game to turn on the Debug mode, and then press [F10], the following function keys are available:

Cheats Effect
F2 Screen capture
F6 Change perspective
F7 or F8 Die immediately
F9 Normal viewing angle
F10 Change the debug function
F12 Jump off
[ or } Adjust the lights
1 and 3 on the keypad Change screen resolution
A Change AI
V or B Rotation angle

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