Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Gold Pack Edition game cheats

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Gold Pack Edition game cheats

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Gold Pack Edition game cheats

In the game, press the apostrophe (’) to open the console and enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

avatargod⇒Single player invincible mode, that is, the player controlled by the player will not die;
bignoggin⇒big head mode;
clodhopper⇒big-handed mode;
explore⇒Turn on or off victory conditions
Never win or lose unless you press esc to give up the task
fastactionresponseteam⇒The jingle of equipment is replaced by fart;
meganoggin⇒big head mode;
nobrainer⇒Turn off artificial intelligence (doors, stairs and escalators cannot be opened after closing);
silentbutdeadly⇒The fart becomes louder when the team members are killed;
stumpy⇒Turn on stumpy mode;
teamgod⇒Team invincible mode, all rainbow team members will not die;
turnpunchkick⇒change the character from 3d to 2d;
1-900⇒Let everyone breathe harder;
5fingerdiscount⇒Restore all items to the start state of the mission.

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