Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six game cheats

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six game cheats

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six game cheats

In the game, press the apostrophe (’) to open the console and enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:


Cheats Effect
AVATARGOD Single player invincible mode, that is, players controlled by the player will not die;
BIGNOGGIN Big head mode
CLODHOPPER Wasteful mode;
DEBUGKEYS Turn on the debug mode;
EXPLORE Turn on or off victory conditions
FASTACTIONRESPONSETEAM Never win or miss, unless you press Esc to abandon the task
MEGANOGGIN The jingle of equipment is replaced by fart;
NOBRAINER Big head mode
SILENTBUTDEADLY Turn off AI (doors, stairs and escalators cannot be opened after being closed);
STUMPY The fart is louder when you kill the crew;
TEAMGOD Turn on chunky mode;
TURNPUNCHKICK Team invincible mode, all rainbow players will not die;
1-900 Change the character from 3D to 2D;
5FINGERDISCOUNT Let everyone breathe harder;

Other cheats

In the game, press’Enter Activate debug keys and then press [F10] to turn on the cheats mode:

Press the following keys in the game to get the corresponding effect

Cheats Effect
[F2] Screenshot
[F6] Change perspective
[F7] or [F8] suicide
[F9] Return to normal perspective
[F10] Exit mode
[F12] Jump off
[or } Adjust brightness
A AI switch
V or B Third person perspective
, 。 or / Adjust altitude

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