Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm game cheats

In the game, press the Enter key on the small keyboard to turn on the console, and then enter the following password:
Cisco  choose one goal each time
Refill The inventory is full
Kit (kit file)  change the toolbox to the specified file tool
Chickenrun Chicken Grenade
Rumbleoff Turn off the fixed shaking screen
Rumbleon Open the fixed shaking screen
Quit  Quit the game
Run  move fast
Superman  invincible mode
Hidecorpse  hide the corpse name
Shadow  invisible
Autolose The current mission failed
Mark  indicates the teleportation location
Mark2  indicates the teleportation location
Extremepaintball pinball mode
Loc  report the current position boom  the screen is shaking
Setgama (0.0-1.0)  set gamma display value (default is 0.5)
Names Display target name
Showtextureprops Display target material properties
Squirrelkite  squirrel launcher
God  suicide
Rock  takes over the enemy base
Teamsuperman  team invincible
Teamshadow  group stealth
Teleport  teleport
Spawn  teleport to the preset location
Toggleshowactorstats Toggle showactor information
Toggleai  switch AI
Tracers  switch tracker information
Toggleshoweffectsstats Toggle effect information
Toggleshowframerate  switch frame rate display
Togglemovetrees togglemovetrees
Toggleshowinterfacestats Switch interface information
Toggleshowlevelstats Switch level information
Toggleshowperfcounters  switch performance calculation
Toggleshowsystemmemorystats  switch system memory information
Toggleshowtexturememorystats Switch texture memory information
Toggleshowtotalstats Toggle overall information
Toggleui  Switch user interface
Ammo  ammo unlimited
Unlockheros Open the hero character
Perf  watch debugging calculation
Autowin  win the current mission

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