The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap game modification cheats (GBA)

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap game modification cheats GBA

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap game modification cheats (GBA)

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Life 02002AEA:A0

Life limit 02002AEB:A0

Gem 02002B00:03E7

Gem limit 02002AE8:03

Full Sword Skill 0300402C:FFFF

Full scroll 02002B44:FFFF

Number of bombs 02002AEC:63

Number of bows and arrows 02002AED: 63

Conch number 02002B02:03E7

Number of keys







Maze auxiliary props







A key weapon 02002AF4:xx

B key weapon 02002AF5:xx

Sword type 02002B32:xx

Some weapons (use with caution)


Body size 03003FB0:xx

00 large

80 small

Map full open



Full Illustrated Book







Weapon code

00 No

01 Smith’s sword

02 White Sword

03 White Sword (2 people)

04 White Sword (3 people)

05 … (light)

06 For Sword

07 Bomb

08 Remote control bomb

09 Bow and arrow

0A Light bow and arrow

0B boomerang

0C Magical Boomerang

0D small shield

0E Mirror Shield

0F Cantera of flame

10 lights

11 Magic pot

12 patch sticks

13 Mole Gloves

14 splash cloak

15 Pegasus shoes

16 Magic Wand

17 Wind Ocarina

1C empty bottle



ON = 2 AEA, A0

[Life limit]

ON = 2 AEB, A0


ON = 2B00, E7,3

[Gem limit]

ON = 2AE8,3

[All swords]

ON = 4402C, FF, FF

[All scrolls]

ON = 2B44, FF, FF


ON = 2 AEC, 63

[Number of bows and arrows]

ON = 2AED, 63

[Number of sea snails]

ON = 2B02, E7,3

[Key number]

ON = 2E9D, 63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63

[Labyrinth aid]

ON = 2EAD, 7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7

[A key weapon]

None = 2AF4,0

Smith’s Sword = 2AF4,1

White sword = 2 AF4,2

White sword (2 people) = 2AF4,3

White Sword (3 people) = 2AF4,4

… (light) = 2AF4,5

For Sword = 2 AF4,6

Bomb = 2AF4,7

Remote control bomb = 2AF4,8

Bow and arrow = 2AF4,9

Bow and arrow of light = 2AF4, A

Boomerang = 2AF4, B

Magical boomerang = 2AF4, C

Small shield = 2AF4, D

Mirror shield = 2AF4, E

Cantera of Fire = 2 AF4, F

Light = 2 AF4,10

Magic pot = 2AF4,11

Patch stick = 2AF4,12

Mole glove = 2AF4,13

Splash cloak = 2AF4,14

Pegasus shoes = 2AF 4,15

Magic Wand = 2AF4,16

Wind Ocarina = 2AF 4,17

Empty bottle = 2AF4,1C

[B key weapon]

None = 2AF 5,0

Smith’s Sword = 2AF5,1

White sword = 2 AF5,2

White sword (2 people) = 2AF5,3

White Sword (3 people) = 2AF5,4

… (light) = 2AF5,5

For Sword = 2 AF5,6

Bomb = 2AF 5,7

Remote control bomb = 2AF5,8

Bow and arrow = 2AF5,9

Bow and arrow of light = 2AF5, A

Boomerang = 2AF5, B

Magical boomerang = 2AF5, C

Small shield = 2AF5, D

Mirror shield = 2AF5, E

Cantera of Flame = 2 AF5, F

Light = 2 AF5,10

Magic pot = 2AF5,11

Patch stick = 2AF5,12

Mole glove = 2AF 5,13

Splash cloak = 2AF5,14

Pegasus shoes = 2AF 5,15

Magic Wand = 2AF 5,16

Wind Ocarina = 2AF 5,17

Empty bottle = 2AF5,1C

[Partial weapon (for moderation)]

ON = 2B34,15,51,54,45

[Body size]

Large = 43FB0,0

Small = 43FB0,80

[Full map]

ON = 2A80, FF, FF, 1

[All picture book]

ON = 2B0E, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF, FF


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