Thief Gold game cheats

Thief Gold game cheats

Thief Gold game cheats

Increase off

After installing the game in your system (complete installation), go to the goodies directory on the CD and under the Thief directory where the DromEd files are unzipped. Then enter, so you can add your own level, after editing, you can play each of your favorite tasks.

Jump off

Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+END in the game to go directly to the next level. (But you can’t get the bonus after passing the level)

Blooper mission

This process includes editing game files, so make a backup of the files to be modified before proceeding. Use a text editor to open the “user.cfg” file in the game installation directory. Increase the following parameters, and then restart the game for a new mission.


starting_mission 16

Install Drome from the Goodies folder in the first disc of Thief Gold, then start Drome and open task 18, then press [ALT]+G to enter the game.


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