Thief Deadly Shadows game cheats

Thief Deadly Shadows game cheats

Thief Deadly Shadows game cheats

1. Use partisan disputes

On day 3, after you meet with Keepers for the first time, you can choose to form an alliance with Hammerites or Pagans. Of course, you can also be a double agent… The advantage of alliance is that you are not attacked by your own personnel, and you can escape from Ctiy. When you watch, your allies can provide you with a place to hide.

Increase friendship with Hammerites: You can search for and destroy huge cockroaches in the city. Every time you kill one, your friendship with Hammerites rises a bit. At the same time, you can also use holy water and flame arrows to destroy the undead to increase your friendship. Whether it is a large cockroach or an undead spirit, it is easy to find, but in comparison, it is more cost-effective to eliminate a cockroach, because it takes time to hoard arrows when dealing with the undead.

Enhance friendship with Pagans: 2 options, one is to find the mysterious green stone with the magician mark (Trickster), and the other is to show your “Hundred Steps through Yang” Kung Fu. Since the mysterious green stone is more difficult to find in the early game, the second option is more suitable for you. The specific method is to find the arch in the Pagans area, and use the moss arrow to shoot at any of the four purple dots above.

It should be noted that: any act of killing or plundering allies’ property will cause a decline in friendship.

2. Pay attention to the upper limit of items

The upper limit of items Garrett can carry is:

Health Potion = 10

Broadhead arrows = 30

Noisemakers = 5

Water Arrows = 25

Moss Arrows = 20

Gas Arrows = 5

Fire Arrows = 15

Flash Bombs = 20

Explosive Mine = 5

Gas Bomb = 5

Oil Flask = 5

If an item is full, when you pick up similar items, although “picked up” will be displayed, the items have not actually increased! So, when you are ready to take the risk to snatch something, it is best to look at your bag in advance.

3. Clever use of darkness

Garrett has to take advantage of the darkness in the game to hide, but many dark corners are too dark, and you can hardly see the surrounding environment. At this time, you can adjust the Gamma/Brightness value of the game so that you can see the surrounding environment clearly.

Each task is divided into several different maps, you usually need to shuttle between these maps. The entrance to the next map is your perfect hiding place. It was almost completely dark there, and most guards could be fooled.


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