Theme Park Inc game cheats

Theme Park Inc game cheats

Theme Park Inc game cheats

Press [Shift] in the game to enter:

allparklands⇒Open all worlds
Polar area:

In the Invention area, the first task is achieved. After a while, the chairman will agree to you to build the Polar Zone main park.

Arabian Knights:

In the Polar Zone area, after completing some missions, the chairman will inform you that the Arabian Knights will open soon, but you need to complete more missions. You must let your staff receive training on some projects first.

Golden ticket

Some specific characters may challenge you, and if you win, you will get two golden tickets.

Win training room

In the Invention area, you can build it after you complete the first mission.

Win the research lab

In the Invention area, complete the first mission and you can hire scientists to develop new things for you


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