The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game cheats


Vampire set (two sets, one red and one black):

Blood and Wine Vampire Set Item IDs


Additem(‘q704_vampire_mask’) mask

Additem(‘q704_vampire_armor’) chest

Additem(‘q704_vampire_gloves’) hands

Additem(‘q704_vampire_pants’) pants

Additem(‘q704_vampire_boots’) shoes

Additem(‘q704 vampire steel sword’) steel sword


Additem(‘q702_vampire_boots’) shoes

Additem(‘q702_vampire_pants’) pants

Additem(‘q702_vampire_gloves’) hands

Additem(‘q702_vampire_armor’) chest

Additem(‘q702_vampire_mask’) mask

Additem(‘q702 vampire steel sword’) steel sword

Bang! Explosives:

Additem(‘White Frost 3’) High North Wind

Additem(‘Grapeshot 3’) advanced honeycomb

Additem(‘Silver Dust Bomb 3’) High Moon Dust (not deformable)

Additem(‘Samum 3’) Gao Fanfeng

Additem(‘Dragons Dream 3’) High Dragons Dream

Additem(‘Devils Puffball 3’) High Devil Dust

Additem(‘Dancing Star 3’) Advanced Dancing Star

Additem(‘Dwimeritium Bomb 3’) Advanced Anti-Magic Metal Bomb


Additem(‘Dye Red’,100) red armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Blue’,100) blue armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Gray’,100) gray armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Black’,100) black armor dye

Additem(‘Dye White’,100) white armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Green’,100) green armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Brown’,100) brown armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Purple’,100) Purple armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Yellow’,100) yellow armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Pink’,100) pink armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Orange’,100) orange armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Turquoise’,100) blue-green armor dye

Additem(‘Dye Default’,100) stain remover

Various sword names and codes available:

Various available sword names and codes:

Code  Chinese name

Additem(‘Abarad’)  Winter Blade (not from the lord)

Additem(‘Addandeith’)   Aidan Diez

Additem(‘Aerondight’)  Mao Green

Additem(‘Anathema’)   curse

Additem(‘Angivare’)  Carrier pigeon

Additem(‘Anth’)   Anji

Additem(‘Arainne’)  Arainne

Additem(‘Arbitrator’)  arbitrator

Additem(‘Ardaenye’)  Adni’s Sword

Additem(‘Ashrune’)  Gray symbol

Additem(‘Azurewrath’)  Azurewrath’s Fury

Additem(‘Barbersurgeon’) Barber physician

Additem(‘Beannshie’)   Banshee

Additem(‘Blackunicorn’)  Black Unicorn

Additem(‘Bladeofys’)  Y word blade

Additem(‘Bloedeaedd’)  Bloedeaedd

Additem(‘Bloodsword’)  Bloodsword

Additem(‘Breathofthenorth’) Northern breath

Additem(‘Caerme’)  Kaerme

Additem(‘Caroline’)  Caroline

Additem(‘Cheesecutter’)   Buttermilk sword

Additem(‘Cleaver’)  butcher shawl

Additem(‘Dancer’)  Dancer

Additem(‘Daystar’)  Daystar

Additem(‘Deargdeith’)  Deargdeith

Additem(‘Deireadh’)  Dellrey

Additem(‘Deithwen’)  Deithwen

Additem(‘Devine’)  Devine

Additem(‘Dyaebl’)  Dyaebl

Additem(‘Fate’)   Fate

Additem(‘Forgottenvransword’)  Forgotten Vransword

Additem(‘Gloryofthenorth’)  Northern glory

Additem(‘Gwestog’)  Gwestog

Additem(‘Gwyhyr’)  Gwyhyr

Additem(‘Gynvael’)  Gynvael

Additem(‘Gynvaelaedd’)  Gynvaelaedd

Additem(‘Harpy’)  Human face monster bird

Additem(‘Harvall’)   Havel sword

Additem(‘Havcaaren’)  Private lords

Additem(‘Headtaker’)  Headtaker

Additem(‘Hjalmar_Short_Steel_Sword’)  Harma’s steel sword

Additem(‘Inis’)   Inis

Additem(‘Karabela’)  Carabela

Additem(‘Loathen’)  Loathen

Additem(‘Longclaw’)  Longclaw

Additem(‘Lune’)   crescent

Additem(‘Moonblade’)  moonblade

Additem(‘Mourner’)  mourner

Additem(‘Naevdeseidhe’)  Nevd Sidi

Additem(‘Negotiator’)  Negotiator

Additem(‘Princessxenthiasword’)  Sword of Princess Jessia

Additem(‘Reachofthedamned’)  The Damned Land

Additem(‘Robustswordofdolblathanna’)  Sword of High Dole Bretanna

Additem(‘Roseofaelirenn’) Charaway Rose

Additem(‘Tlareg’)  Trareg

Additem(‘Torlara’)  Torlara

Additem(‘Torzirael’)  Torzirael

Additem(‘Ultimatum’)  Ultimatum

Additem(‘Virgin’)  saint

Additem(‘Vynbleidd’)  hope

Additem(‘Weeper’)  Weeper

Additem(‘WitcherSilverWolf’) Breed

Additem(‘Wolf’)   wolf

Additem(‘Zerrikanterment’) Dragon Sword

Additem(‘q402 Skellige sword 3’) Winter Blade

Additem(‘Zireael Sword’)  Javier

Additem(‘q505 crafted sword’)   Jiwei Aier (silver, first level)

Additem(‘mq1058_cat_school_sword’)  The sword given by the cat witcher in the dlc is related to the white wolf level

Additem (‘Olgierd Sabre’) Kara Sword

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