The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game cheats


How to open the Witcher 3 console:

1 Find the game directory and open The Witcher 3\bin\config\base\general.ini with notepad

2 Add DBGConsoleOn=true to the last line of the text to save

3 Enter the game and press: ~ Open the console

(After the modification, when you want to enter the code, press “~” directly in the game to open the console, and enter the code you want. ————-I don’t want to use the code anymore You can also enter the text in the same way as above, remove the sentence “DBGConsoleOn=true” and save it)

Format: additem(‘item name’, quantity)

A summary of the codes that can be entered on the console:

Delivery code:

ShowAllFT(1) Open all fast travel points

AllowFT(1) allows the use of street signs at any time

Repair tools:

Additem(‘weapon_repair_kit_3’) weapon repair tool

Additem(‘armor_repair_kit_3’) armor repair tool

Status buff:

Addabl(‘DamageBuff’) Increases attack power by 200 and sign strength

Addabl(‘ForceCriticalHits’) 100% crit rate

Addabl(‘ConAthletic’) 1000 blood, 100 stamina and higher stamina recovery rate

Addabl(‘ConImmortal’)-99800 blood, 100 stamina and higher stamina recovery rate

(If you remove it, just replace the prefix “addabl” with “remabl”)

Commonly used:

Addmoney(77777) Add money (the value in parentheses is determined by yourself, it may be displayed incorrectly if it is too exaggerated, you can adjust it appropriately)

Removemoney(11) Reduce money

Staminaboy() Geralt Undiminished endurance

Resurrect() is dead, hit this to resurrect

Addskillpoints(99) add skill points

Addexp (1000) Increase experience value

Setlevel(40) Set level number

Levelup(5) level up

Shave shave

makeitrain rain

Stoprain stop rain

Healme add blood

Change Geralt’s hairstyle:

WitcherHairstyle(‘1’) Short hair braid

WitcherHairstyle(‘2’) Long flowing hair

WitcherHairstyle(‘3’) Default hairstyle

Advanced harness:

Additem(‘Toussaint horsebag’)

Additem(‘Toussaint saddle’)

Additem(‘Toussaint saddle 2’)

Additem(‘Toussaint saddle 3’)

Additem(‘Toussaint saddle 4’)

Additem(‘Toussaint saddle 5’)

Additem(‘Toussaint saddle 6’)

Additem(‘Toussaint horse blinders’)

Additem(‘Toussaint horse blinders 2’)

Additem(‘Toussaint horse blinders 3’)

Additem(‘Toussaint horse blinders 4’)

Additem(‘Toussaint horse blinders 5’)

Additem(‘Toussaint horse blinders 6’)


Additem(‘Greater mutagen red’,2) large red mutagen*2

Additem(‘Greater mutagen blue’,2) Large blue mutagen*2

Additem(‘Greater mutagen green’,2) large green mutagen*2

Daily necessities:

Addbolts add all arrows

Addherbs add all herbs

Addpotions add decoction

Addmutagens add mutant decoction

addsteelswords add all-steel sword

addsteelswords2 adds all-steel sword 2

Addsilverswords add silver sword

Addsilverswords2 add silver sword 2

Addcrossbows add full crossbows

Addarmor add full armor

Addarmor2 Add full armor 2

Addpants add full pants

Addboots add full shoes

Addgloves add full gloves

Addsets add full set

Addbooks add all books

Addlore add knowledge

Addlore2 Add knowledge 2

Addfood add whole food

Adddrinks add full alcohol

Addupgrades inlaid runes of the whole sword

Bear set:

Additem(‘Bear Pants 5’) pants

Additem(‘Bear Boots 5’) shoes

Additem(‘Bear Gloves 5’) hands

Additem(‘Bear Armor 4’) chest

Additem(‘Bear School steel sword 4’) steel sword

Additem(‘Bear School Crossbow’) crossbow

Cat cover:

Additem(‘Lynx Pants 5’) pants

Additem(‘Lynx Boots 5’) shoes

Additem(‘Lynx Gloves 5’) hands

Additem(‘Lynx Armor 4’) chest

Additem(‘Lynx School steel sword 4’) steel sword

Additem(‘Lynx School silver sword 4’) silver sword

Additem(‘Lynx School Crossbow’) crossbow

Griffon set:

Additem(‘Gryphon Pants 5’) pants

Additem(‘Gryphon Boots 5’) shoes

Additem(‘Gryphon Gloves 5’) hands

Additem(‘Gryphon Armor 4’) chest

Additem(‘Gryphon School steel sword 4’) steel sword

Additem(‘Gryphon School silver sword 4’) Silver sword

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