The Temple of Elemental Evil game cheats

The Temple of Elemental Evil game cheats

The Temple of Elemental Evil game cheats

Game command line
Use the following command line to start the game to get the corresponding effect>
Command line ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒function
dialogcheck⇒Check dialog
fps⇒display frame rate
defaultparty⇒get the default party
startmap⇒Select map
nofog⇒Remove fog
norandom⇒Close random encounters
nosound⇒silent mode
window⇒window mode
3dsounds⇒3D sound effects
scrollfps⇒display fps
More cheats
Press [Shift] + ~ in the game to open the console and enter the following cheats:
Note: # in the cheats is a number, @ represents the member number
Pay attention to the cheat sheet format
levelup⇒All players level up
die⇒The first character commits suicide
from utilities import *⇒Allows adjustment attacks (valid under v2.0)[@].stat_base_set(stat_hp_max, #)⇒Set the attack of the specified player (valid under v2.0)[0].money_adj(#)⇒get the specified amount of money (valid under v2.0)[0].identify_all(#)⇒identify all players’ items[@].stat_base_set(stat_strength, #)⇒Set the strength of the specified player[@].stat_base_set(stat_dexterity, #)⇒Set the agility of the specified player[@].stat_base_set(stat_intelligence, #)⇒Set the intelligence of the specified player
cheats.all_spells_by_class⇒Learn all skills

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