The Solus Project game cheats

The Solus Project game cheats

The Solus Project game cheats

Press [F8] in the game to open the console, enter:

fly⇒flight mode
walk⇒Exit airplane mode
solgod⇒Invincible mode
solwalk⇒Walking acceleration
solrs⇒Reset all player values
solscreen⇒screenshot mode
solexp #⇒Set the player’s upgrade level, the default is 1 (# range is 1-1.5).
solbase⇒gives basic living items, such as torches, food, etc.
solteleport #⇒Send to the area numbered # (# range is 1-20)
solsave⇒Forcibly archive the current time and location
solobjprim and solobjsec #⇒Forcibly change the object
(#Range is 0-200, pay attention to figure out what the different numbers represent).
solweather #⇒change the weather in the game (# ranges from 1-10, different numbers correspond to different weather)
soltime #⇒Set game time (# range is 1-70)
solpush #⇒ advance forward #m, you can pass through all obstacles, walls, doors, etc. (#default is 3)
solgive [item] #⇒Get the item # is the quantity
slt [MapName_SubMapName]⇒Send to a map (recommended)
For example: slt Solus_Flashpoint_Cave1
Travel [MapName_SubMapName]⇒Transfer to a map
Example: Travel Solus_Flashpoint_Cave1
solpda⇒Get a handheld PDA
Stat LEVELS⇒Display level information
Stat FPS⇒Display FPS frame
Stat UNIT⇒Display NPC
Quit or EXIT⇒Exit the console
Open the level/map:
Use slt [MapName_SubMapName] or open [MapName_SubMapName] to teleport to the corresponding level.

With solteleport #, it can be transmitted to the designated area of ​​the designated level.

[MapName_SubMapName] value reference:

Manufacturing items:
solgive Medpack⇒medical pack
solgive Beacon⇒Beacon (VOR / DME portable beacon)
golgive Food⇒Food
solgive FoodCan⇒food can
solgive FoodBar⇒Food Bar
solgive FoodBasin_pot⇒A large number of food cans, food bars
solgive AlienFood⇒Alien Food
solgive AlienShell⇒ Alien food packaging
solgive Alien_medpack⇒Alien Medical Pack
(AlienFood + AlienShell = Alien_medpack)
solgive Flashlight⇒Flashlight or lantern
solgive BallCrystal⇒No attribute crystal ball
solgive FlashlightBattery⇒(flashlight or lantern) battery
solgive Hammer⇒Hammer
solgive HumanPipe⇒Pipe (hammer or hammer can be made)
solgive Shield⇒Medieval alien shield
solgive sword⇒Medieval alien sword
solgive TorchFlare⇒Torch (with fire)
solgive Torch⇒ torch
solgive WaterBottle⇒water bottle
solgive WaterBottle_oil⇒oil bottle (oil for torch)
solgive WaterbottleEmpty⇒An empty bottle without water and oil
solgive IdolKey⇒Alien worship key
solgive Key⇒Alien key
solgive IceCrystal⇒Glowing ice crystal (flashlight)
solgive HeatCrystal⇒ heating crystal (flashlight)
solgive EnergyBall⇒energy ball (flashlight)
solgive Cable⇒Cable (rope)
solgive Cable_Moving⇒moving cable (rope)

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