The Sims Superstar game cheats

The Sims Superstar game cheats

The Sims Superstar game cheats

In the game, press [ctrl] + [shift] + [c] to activate the cheats window and enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:
rosebud⇒Add $1,000
move_objects on⇒Can move objects at will (including villains)
(on can be moved arbitrarily/off is the original setting of the game)
lot_size (number)⇒Set batch size
hist_add⇒Add new family history
visitor_control⇒Switch to manual control mode of visitor keyboard
auto_level⇒The level required to complete the automatic development of construction equipment
map_edit on⇒Open map editor off/off
house (house number) ⇒ automatically load the specified house
browser_failsafe⇒Prevent browser failure
quit⇒Quit the game
refresh_textures⇒Refresh character textures
restore_tut⇒Restore teaching mode
rotation (0-3)⇒Rotate the angle of view
draw_floorable off⇒Turn off the floor grid
save⇒Save the executing house
music⇒Music switch
interests⇒Show personal hobbies and interests
edit char⇒Create a single player mode
prepare_lot⇒Check and correct the demand for items
grow grass #⇒Set grass growth rate (0-150)
draw_origins⇒Draw a picture on the initial screen of each character
draw_routes on ⇒ turn on the selected character’s behavior off off
reload_people⇒Reload all character settings
water tool⇒Build a trench or stream next to the house
tutorial off⇒Turn off the teaching mode
draw_all_frames_off⇒Turn off “drawing”


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