The Sims: Pet Generation The most complete game cheats

Press the Ctrl, Shift and C keys at the same time in the game, open the prompt box at the top left of the screen, and then enter the following password: (Note: Enter the exclamation point to repeat the last cheat, and insert a semicolon between the passwords to display multiple times at once Cheats)

Get 1000 Simoleons for   rosebud
Hist_add  adds a new family history
Write_destlist Add route list to AllRoutes.txt file
Auto_level The level required for the automatic development of construction equipment
Import (FAM file)  automatically load the specified FAM file
House (house number)  automatically load the specified house
Prepare_lot Check and correct the demand for objects
Flush Automatically adjust the VM file when running the game on WindowsNT
Crash  destroy the game
Water_tool  create trenches or streams
Shrink_text(font_size)(text) Create shrink_text_#.bmp file
Edit_char  Create a single player mode
Interests Display personality and interest information
Draw_all_frames off  turn off the animation
Draw_all_frames on Open the animation
Draw_origins  draw pictures on the initial screen of each character
Core_dump  copy the entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt file\
Dump_happy  copy the score of the selected character to the file
Dump_mc  copy the initial contribution of the selected person to the file
Debug_social  activate the debug flag of social impact information to the target dialog\
Sim_log end End simulation login
Cht (filename) Execute the “file.cht” file
Draw_floorable off Close the floor grid
Draw_floorable on Open the floor grid
Assert  forced test declaration
Window log_animations Log in the animation event log window
Map_edit off Turn off map editing
Map_edit on Open map editing
Move_objects on  move any object
Tutorial off Turn off the teaching mode
Browser_failsafe  Prevent browser failure
Preview_anims off Turn off preview animation
Preview_anims on Open preview animation
Tile_info editor status
Quit  Quit the game
#Import  read behavior adjustment constant from Tuning.txt file
Rebuild_cp  rebuild the entire control panel
Refresh_faces Update BMP_resources to writable IFF files for all characters
Bitmap refresh_textures  adjust the texture of all characters and regenerate
Restore_tut Restore teaching mode
Rotation (0-3)  rotate the camera
Route_balloons off Turn off the routing debugger
Route_balloons on Open the routing debugger
Fam_test (opcount)  perform a series of random operations on the homeless
Save  save the house in execution
History Store family history files
Plugh  Say “plugh”
Porntipsguzzardo say “porntipsguzzardo”
Xyzzy  say “xyzzy”
Draw_routes on  shows the behavior of the selected person
Draw_routes off  turn off the selected character’s behavior
Log_mask Set event log mask
Autonomy (1-100) Set the free thinking level
Sim_speed (-1000-1000) Set the game speed
Edit_grass (number):  Set the land change value
Grow_grass (0-150) setting the land appreciation
Lot_size (number) Set the batch size
Sim_limit (milliseconds)  set the maximum allowable milliseconds of the simulator
Sim_speed (-1000-1000)  set the simulation speed
Set_hour (1-24) Set the time of day
Bubble_tweak (z offset value)  Set the Z compensation of “want” bubble
(directory path)   set the adjacent directory to the path
Rotation lot_border (tl) (tr) (bl) (b) Set the upper limit of the lot size boundary
Allow_inuse  set whether to display the menu
Memview Display memory window
Sim_log begin Start simulation login
Swap_houses (house number) (house number)  switch two houses and change families
Sweep off Turn off the tick sound
Sweep on  turn on the ticking sound
Tile_info on Open to display information side by side
Tile_info off Turn off display information side by side
Visitor_control  switch visitor manual control
Report_assets  switch financial report
Auto_reset Toggle automatic object reset function
Sim_peek  switch peek information
Cam_mode  switch camera mode
All_menus Toggle display control of characters that cannot be interacted
Music  switch music
Obj_comp  switch object file compression
Quats  switch quaternion variables
Sound_log  switch the sound log window
Sound  switch sound
Html  switch web pages
Reload_people reload people
Soundevent  trigger a sound event
Write_routes store routing packets
#Export  Export behavior adjustment constants to Tuning.txt file

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