The Sims Mega Deluxe game cheats

The Sims Mega Deluxe game cheats

The Sims Mega Deluxe game cheats

Press [CTRL]-[SHIFT]-C in the game to activate the cheats window
move_objects⇒Move any object
interests⇒Show personal hobbies and interests
water_tool⇒Build a trench or stream next to the house
rosebud⇒(Need & Beautiful Life Patch) add money $1,000
klapaucius⇒$1,000 (applicable to the version without the patch installed)
sound_log⇒Sound log window
music⇒Music switch
cam_mode⇒switch camera mode
soundevent ⇒ trigger a sound event
auto_reset⇒Toggle automatic object reset function
report_assets⇒switch financial report
set_hour [1-24]⇒Set the game time (suitable for versions without patches)
hist_add⇒Add new family history
auto_level⇒The level required to complete the automatic development of construction equipment
prepare_lot⇒Check and correct the demand for items
log_animations⇒Log in to the animation event log window
edit_char⇒Create a single player mode
draw_all_frames off⇒Turn off “drawing”
draw_all_frames on⇒Turn on “drawing”
draw_origins⇒Draw a picture on the initial screen of each character
draw_floorable off⇒Turn off the floor grid
draw_floorable on⇒Turn on the floor grid
map_edit off ⇒ Close the map editor.
map_edit on⇒Open the map editor.
preview_anims off⇒Animation preview is off
preview_anims on⇒The animation preview is on
tile_info⇒Program statistics
save⇒Save the executing house
history⇒Save family history files
log_mask⇒Set event log mask
autonomy [1-100]⇒Set free thought level
sim_speed [-1000-1000]⇒Set the game speed.
grow_grass [0-150]⇒Set grass growth rate
refresh_textures⇒Refresh character textures


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