The Sims Medieval game cheats

The Sims Medieval game cheats

The Sims Medieval game cheats

Enter the game directory Electronic Arts The Sims MedievalGameDataSharedNonPackagedIni and find the Commands.ini file
Put TestingCheatsEnabled=0 at the end
Change to TestingCheatsEnabled=1
Then set the file as read-only attribute (right click on the file => attribute => read-only => OK)
(This file under MAC is Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Options.ini)
Open the console:
Enter the game [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to open the console and enter the following cheats.
List of cheats:
Hotkey ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Function
DisableClothingFilter on/off⇒Unlock all clothing
The villain can wear all professional attire
motherlode⇒+ money
DisableRespos on/off⇒Close Responsibilities
EnableRespos on/off⇒Turn on Responsibilities
RerollQuests on/off⇒Randomly regenerate existing quests
setKP #⇒Set the Kingdom Development Index (# is a number, the same below)
setmood #⇒Set the mood value of the character (-100 to 200)
setQP #⇒Set the number of mission points
ShowAllQuests on/off⇒Open all quests

Hide the properties menu:
Press [Shift] and click on the villain to bring up the hidden attribute menu

The Sims Medieval game cheats b

object⇒Reset the selected item
animate⇒Call various animation actions
set profession level on sims⇒Set profession level
set profession on sim⇒Set profession
modify traits for active sim⇒ modify character personality
set relationship⇒Set person relationship


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