The Sims: Makin’ Magic gaming strategy

Adult magic formula:
One, charging magic wand:
1 Butter, poisonous mushrooms, toad sweat-toad deformation
2 Honey, Honey, Leprechaun Powder-Relationship Improvement
3 Butter, poisonous mushroom, fairy powder-rejuvenation
4 Honey, grapes, fairy powder-become happy
5 Honey, garlic, toad sweat-smiley face technique
6 Butter, snake venom, garlic-disappearance technique
7 honey, ambergris, fairy powder-love adhesive
8 butter, toad sweat, carnival clown-hypnotism
9 honey, carnival clown, wizard eyelashes-big problem
10 butter, carnival clowns, pet food-true friends
2. Make a spell:
1 Beeswax, Beeswax, Beeswax-Beauty and the Beast
2 Golden strands, magic beans, magic beans-fertility angle
3 gold hazel, gold hazel, camel saliva-washing dishes
4 Beeswax, rubber chicken, diamond powder-money rain
5 Beeswax, beeswax, time sand-hide the skin
6 Beeswax, dragon scales, camel saliva-the ultimate attraction
7 Beeswax, Time Sand, Pegasus Feather-Duplicate
8 gold hazel, magic beans, four-leaf clover-perfect garden
9 beeswax, magic beans, glacier glass-mood improvement
10 gold hazel, glacier glass, pegasus feather-summon the domestic servant
11 Beeswax, diamond powder, black rose-the price of fame
Children’s Magic Formula:
One, charging magic wand:
1 Poisonous mushrooms, dragon scales, fantasy powder-children’s happiness technique
2Dream powder, dream powder, dream powder-revitalization
3 ambergris, ambergris, dream powder-children’s smile
2. Make a spell:
1 Poisonous Mushroom, Poisonous Mushroom, Poisonous Mushroom-Children’s Charm of Beauty and the Beast
2 Poisonous Mushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms, Ambergris-Cleansing spells
3 Poisonous Mushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms, Fantasy Powder-Making Cake Charm
4 Poisonous Mushrooms, Fantasy Powder, Fantasy Powder-Invisible Friend Charm
5 Poisonous Mushrooms, Ambergris, and Dragon Scales-Child Replica Charm
6 poisonous mushrooms, dragon scales, dragon scales-fast adult spell spell
Recipe recipe:
One. Wine making:
1 Grapes, grapes, sugar-wine
2 sugar, elderberry, elderberry-elderberry wine (strawberry wine)
3 Honey, grapes, sugar-honey wine
2. Food preparation:
1 Easy Baking Bag, Easy Baking Bag, Easy Baking Bag-Fresh Baked Bread
2 butter, sugar, easy-to-baking package-homemade biscuits
3 sugar, elder bones, baking bag-elder bone pie (strawberry pie)
4 butter, easy bake buns, carrots-carrot cake

“The Sims: Magic World” Invincible Duel Cheats:

In the magic town of “The Sims: Magic World”, there is a duel table for duels. There will be four battles each time. There are five kinds of magic, but only four will appear each time. If you win, magic coins will be increased. Yes, players may wish to give it a try.

Duel Cheats:

1 Red waves can defeat blue hurricanes and black blizzards

2 Black blizzards can defeat yellow sulfur and white lightning

3 Yellow sulfur can defeat white lightning and red waves

4 blue hurricanes can defeat yellow sulfur and black blizzards

5 White lightning can defeat red waves and blue hurricanes

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