The Sims Livin’ Large game cheats

The Sims Livin Large game cheats

The Sims Livin’ Large game cheats

Press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [ALT] + C in the game, a small box appears at the top left of the screen, and then enter the following cheats:
rosebud⇒1000 yuan increase
hist_add⇒Add new family history
write_destlist⇒Add route list to AllRoutes.txt file
auto_level⇒The level required to complete the automatic development of construction equipment
import [FAM]⇒Automatically load the specified FAM file
house [house number]⇒Automatically load the specified house
prepare_lot⇒Check and correct the demand for items
flush⇒Automatically adjust the VM file when WindowsNT executes the game
crash⇒destroy the game
water_tool⇒Create trenches or streams
shrink_text [font_size] [text]⇒Create shrunk_text_#.bmp file
edit_char⇒Create a single player mode
interests⇒Show personal hobbies and interests
draw_all_frames off⇒Turn off animation
draw_all_frames on⇒Turn on animation
draw_origins⇒Draw a picture on the initial screen of each character
core_dump⇒Copy the entire memory content to core_dump_[date:time].txt file
dump_happy⇒Copy the score of the selected character to the file
dump_mc⇒Copy the initial contribution of the selected person to the file
debug_social⇒Enable the debug flag of social influence information to the target dialog
sim_log end⇒End simulation login
cht [filename]⇒Execute file.cht file
draw_floorable off⇒Turn off the floor grid
draw_floorable on⇒Open the floor grid
assert⇒Force test declaration
log_animations⇒Log in to the animation event log window
map_edit off⇒Close the map editor
map_edit on⇒Open map editor
move_objects on⇒Any object can be moved
tutorial off⇒Turn off the teaching mode
browser_failsafe⇒Prevent browser failure
preview_anims off⇒Turn off preview animation
preview_anims on⇒Open preview animation
tile_info⇒Editor status
quit⇒Quit the game
#import⇒File reading behavior adjustment constant
rebuild_cp⇒Reset the entire control panel
refresh_faces⇒Update BMP_resources to all characters’ IFF files to be writable
refresh_textures⇒Adjust and regenerate textures for all characters
restore_tut⇒Restore teaching mode
rotation [0-3]⇒Rotate the camera
route_balloons off⇒Turn off the route debugger
route_balloons on⇒Turn on the routing debugger
fam_test [opcount]⇒Perform a series of random operations on nomads
save⇒Save the house in execution
history⇒Save family history files
plugh⇒say “plugh”
porntipsguzzardo ⇒ Say “porntipsguzzardo”
xyzzy ⇒ say “xyzzy”
draw_routes on⇒Display the behavior of the selected person
draw_routes off⇒Turn off the selected character’s behavior
log_mask⇒Set event log mask
autonomy [1-100]⇒Set free thinking level
sim_speed [-1000-1000]⇒Set game speed
edit_grass [number]⇒Set land change value
grow_grass [0-150]⇒Set land value increase
lot_size [number]⇒Set lot size
sim_limit [milliseconds]⇒Set the maximum allowable milliseconds of the simulator
sim_speed [-1000-1000]⇒Set the simulation speed
bubble_tweak [z offset value]⇒Set the Z offset of the bubble
[directory path]⇒Set the adjacent directory to the path
lot_border [
(Tl) (tr) (bl) (b) Set the upper limit of the batch boundary
allow_inuse⇒Set whether to display the menu
memview⇒Display memory window
sim_log begin⇒Start simulated login
swap_houses # #⇒Switch two houses# #and replace the family
sweep off⇒Turn off the ticking sound
sweep on⇒Turn on the ticking sound
tile_info on⇒Open to display information side by side
tile_info off⇒Turn off display information side by side
visitor_control⇒switch visitor manual control
report_assets⇒switch financial report
auto_reset⇒Toggle automatic object reset function
sim_peek⇒Toggle peek information
cam_mode⇒switch camera mode
all_menus⇒Toggle display control of characters that cannot be interacted with
music⇒switch quaternion variable
obj_comp ⇒ switch quaternion variable
quats⇒Switch quaternion variables
sound_log⇒Switch the sound log window
sound⇒switch sound
html⇒Switch webpage
reload_people⇒Reload people
soundevent ⇒ trigger a sound event
write_routes⇒store routing packets
#export⇒Export behavior adjustment constants to Tuning.txt file
;⇒Separate and parallel cheats
!⇒Repeat the previous cheat
Examples of the use of the last two cheats:

rosebud; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; !; can get a lot of money


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