The Sims 3 game cheats

Open cheats ctrl+shift+c

Add money once or twice. I usually use it once. I will do the remaining money on my own. Plant a cash cow and you will get a lot of money.

Motherlode is an increase of 50,000 at a time, which is enough for the average family. Tip: If you don’t buy things at once, the villain will have a lot of favorite wishes. At this time, you can earn more reward points when you are shopping.

testingcheatsenabled true very powerful comprehensive cheats

Hold down shift, and then click the mailbox, there will be many comprehensive cheating cheats

For example, change the occupation of each level, such as forcing NPC, so that everyone in the house is full

Clicking on your own villain will change your personality and become aging…. If you want the villain to die naturally, this is not bad

Click on other non-family villains, you can force them to join your family haha

The other is that it can drive relationships and drive demand. This is similar to the previous one.

There is also a good teleportation, after finding a place you like shfit, teleport

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