The Sims 2 Seasons game cheats

The Sims 2 Seasons game cheats

The Sims 2 Seasons game cheats

In the game, press CTRL + SHIFT + C to activate the cheats window, and then enter the following:
motherlode⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Add 50,000 virtual coins
boolprop constrainFloorElevation false⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Force the ground to rise to make a special-shaped roof
RoofSlopeAngle (15-75)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ Let the player change the slope angle of individual roofs in the site
clear⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Clear the cheat codes on the screen
exit⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Close the cheats window
boolprop constrainFloorElevation true⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Forced to raise the floor, design more freely, close when the house is true
expand⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Enlarge or reduce the cheats window
kaching⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Add 1000 money
boolProp testingcheatsenabled true/false⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒When set to true, other cheats will take effect (there will be many options)
boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Display the name of the file (false-do not display)
vsync on/off⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒It can make the game run more smoothly, but it will reduce the picture quality
autopatch (on/off)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒This cheat allows you to restart or turn off the automatic update option of The Sims
help -all⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Cheats list
StretchSkeleton⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Change the height of a villain who is operating (x is a height multiple, please substitute by yourself, 1.0 is unchanged)
moveobjects (on/off)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Move objects (on can be moved arbitrarily/off is the original setting of the game)
slowmotion⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒slow motion (0 is normal speed and 8 is the slowest)
boolprop lotTerrainLighting (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to lighten when the land is selected (false-not light)
boolprop locktiles (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether the floor can be laid on the edge of the site, roads and sidewalks (false-can be laid)
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display bridges in the community screen (false-not display)
boolprop lotTerrainPaints (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display the land surface (false-not display)
boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display landscapes, such as rocks or electric towers, on the community screen (false-do not display)
boolprop objectShadows (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display outdoor shadows (false-not display)
boolprop lotWater (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display the land water body (false-not display)
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display roads in the community screen (false-not display)
boolProp guob (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display indoor shadows (false-not display)
boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display water bodies in the community screen (false-not display)
boolprop displayLotImposters (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display buildings on the community screen (false-not display)
boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display trees and plants on the community screen (false-not display)
boolprop displayLookAtBoxes (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Unknown
boolprop carsCompact (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display vehicle details in the community screen (false-not display)
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒If set to true, the wall will not be cut when the selected villain is blocked
boolprop allObjectLightsOn (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒If set to true, all objects will continue to be highlighted (originally it will only light up when the mouse moves over)
boolProp displayPaths (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒If set to true, the path of the selected villain will be displayed
boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Display advanced information of the site (false-do not display)
boolProp simShadows (True/False)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Set whether to display the shadow of the villain (false-not display)
aging off⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒age growth switch (on is on/off is off)
aging on⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒age growth switch (on is on/off is off)
faceBlendLimits (on/off)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Use off to give birth to alien babies on back to normal
boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Allow the player to rotate the animal at a 45 degree angle, press the, and. keys to rotate (true-can)
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒The number of people invited at the party is 8
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒The object placement does not have to face the grid line on the ground (change the value to true to restore)
social_debug⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Activate the debug flag of social influence information to the target dialog
letterBox #⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Add letterbox effect to the screen (# = 0.0- 0.4)
vignette [centerX centerY X]⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Add a blur effect from a specific center point
centerX, centerY=blur range (value 0.0-1.0), X=blur strength (value 0.0-1.0)
filmGrain #⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Make the screen finer (# = 0.0-1.0)
bloom [R G B X]⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Add blur effects, such as special effects that appear in TV dramas when recalling
RGB=red, green and blue pigment (value 0-255), X=blur intensity (value 0.0-1.0)
boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Enable post-processing cheats, very useful for movie production.
You need a graphics card that supports pixel shaders to successfully use this cheat.
deleteAllCharacters⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Delete all citizens in this community (enter on the community screen)
TerrainType (desert/temperate)⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Change the surface style to: desert, grass, mud, concrete.
Must leave the current community and re-enter to change
bugJarTimeDecay true/off⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Catch any fireflies into the bottle, activate this cheat to make them immortal (used as a lamp)


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