The Movies game cheats

The Movies game cheats

The Movies game cheats

Add company money:

Enter luckymoney in any interface of the game and press enter to the right. Every time you operate, the money will increase by 10000000.

Increase company reputation:

Enter unrealfame in any interface of the game and press enter. Each time you operate, the company’s reputation increases by 100.

Increase the attributes of actors:

Use the mouse to click the query button on the top of the game’s main map, select the actor to query, and then click the name of the actor to be queried to enter the actor details interface, enter the following commands in the interface, and then press enter


superacting ⇒Effect: acting +5

infinitecharm ⇒ Charm +5

bigstrength ⇒ physical strength +5

flyinghumor ⇒feel +5

addrepurt ⇒Fame +5

levelup ⇒ level increase

pressuredown ⇒ pressure reduction 5

shootart ⇒Director’s skill value +5

Super actor:

After the scout found the acting, he changed his name to Huang Jianren, and added 100 to each attribute of the actor, but the pressure must be 0, and he has eight special skills, and the others remain unchanged.

Get a new script for free:

Enter freeedrama in any interface, and then press enter, and you will get a new script for each operation.


1. After entering the game, it is best to enter the system and settings first, and set the game speed to slow.

2. A movie must be released every month, otherwise the reputation will decline.

3. After constructing all the buildings, it is best to upgrade the general manager’s office, so that you can increase your reputation by 10 points.

4. Build more training centers so that you can increase the multiplier of actors faster.

5. It is necessary to promote more movies to get more MONEY.

PS: Don’t be in arrears with the actors’ salary, otherwise the reputation will be reduced by half.

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