The Lord of the Rings War in the North game guide

The Lord of the Rings War in the North game guide

The Lord of the Rings War in the North game guide:
Methods to increase the chance of a critical strike
1. The dwarf I use, in fact, as long as the enemy was attacked by a teammate, then you can attack by yourself, then the chance of a crit attack will be much higher than that of seeing the tail from the beginning by yourself~ So prioritizing attacking the same target as the teammate will be effective a lot of.
2. I don’t know if anyone has discovered that if you shoot the head of the skeleton with a bow and arrow, they will see nothing and keep hacking. This is very useful…
PS: There are bones left, do you really still use your eyes to see things…
3. After the wizard MM releases the protective cover, as long as you hide in and shoot other enemies with a bow and arrow, there will be bonus damage~
The game begins to solve the riddle
Those who have just started the Battle of the North can earn some entanglement first. After speaking with Aragorn, go to the bar to find a dwarf to speak to the riddles, and earn up to 1,000 gold coins… (optional bet 50 yuan)
Riddle Guide:
1-They came at night without being told. One day, they were lost and not stolen. The answer is star.
2-?? What is so fragile, even the name can break it. The answer is silence.
3-I am always hungry and I need to be fed. Touching my finger, it will soon turn red. The answer is fire.
4-Always in a running state and never walk. Usually gurgling is never discussed. There is a bed, but the city never sleeps. Have a mouth, but never eat. The selected river.
5-I found it deep in the earth. When beaten and burned, I can become a blood-thirsty killer. The answer is iron.
6-What you have to keep after giving to others. You have a word.
7-You are less, you see The answer is dark.
8-Every morning I appear on your feet all day. I will follow no matter how fast you run, but I am almost at the Sun Hall in the middle of the day. The answer is shadow.
9-The more these you put, the more you stay. Footsteps.
10-My life can be measured in hours. I am swallowed by thin service, I am fast and I am slow, fat, wind is my enemy, what am I? candle
11-The man I was driving thought I was crazy. I’m easily broken, but never free. The answer is gold.
12-What is yours, but do you use others? your name.
how to make dragon happy
Go to Rivendell and talk to Bilbo after completing the missions in the Eton Wastes or the Gundaba Mountains. He will ask you to tell him your experience. After you finish the mission, you will receive a mission called “Chronicles”. Then come back from the dark forest and continue to tell him the story, choose the first one on the right, and Bilbo will tell you the way to deal with the dragon is flattery.

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