The King of Fighters 98 game character strategy


The King of Fighters 98 game character strategy

The King of Fighters 98 moves list:
button setting instructions: A: light punch, B: light leg, C: heavy punch, D: heavy leg.

Hero team
Foreign Style·Boom Axe Yang →+B
Outer Style·Narakulu (jumping)↓+C
Eight Picks and Eight Types ↘+D
Hundred Types·Ghost Burning →↓↘·A or C
R.E.D.Kick (Seven Hundred and Seven Types·Du Le Tu) ←↓↙·B or D
Two Hundreds of Ones Two Types·Qin Yueyang →↘↓↙←·B or D
Seven and Five Changes ↓↘→·B·B or D·D
One Hundred and Four Types·Desolate Bite ↓↘→·A
Hundred Two, Eight, Nine Injuries, Bite action in progress↓↘→·A or C
Hundred Twenty Seven Seven Forms·Baqi During the bite movement →↘↓↙←A or C
Desolate bite → A or C in the nine wounds action
Hundred Twenty Five Types·Nanase Bite → Nine Injuries B or D
Foreign style·Making through, bite → A or C in the eight moves
One Hundred and Five Types·Poisonous Bite ↓↘→·C
Four Hundred One Style·Song of Guilt During the poisonous bite action→↘↓↙←A or C
Four Hundred Two Types · Chant of Punishment, Chant of Crime → A or C
Nine Hundred Picks Style·Crane Pick (Foreign Style·Tiger Fu/Dragon Shot) ↓↙←A or C
Mysterious Profound Meaning Li Baiba Style·Original Snake ↓↙←↙↓↘→·A or C
The ultimate decisive battle, “Wu Shi” (one of the three magic skills) ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Nikaidou Red Maru
Rotating knee down ↑ other than C or D
Jack Knife Kick →+B
Flying skills (jumping) ↓+D
Thunder Fighting ↓↘→·A or C
Aerial Thunder Fist (jumping) ↓↘→·A or C
Vacuum film Teko ↓↙←·A or C
Super Lightning Kick →↓↘·B or D
Iai kick ↓↘→·B or D
Reactionary triad→↘↓↙←·B or D
Red Pill Throw (close body)→↘↓↙←→·A or C
Thunder Light Boxing ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Large generator (close body)→↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←·A or C
Daemon Goro
Jade collapse → +A
Brush on the head ↘+C
Landmine Shock →↓↘·A or C
Super Receptive ↓↙←·B or D
Izumotou ←↙↓↘→·A
Cut the plant back ←↙↓↘→·C
Heaven and Earth (close body)→↘↓↙←→·A or C
Extra large external cut (close body)→↓↘·B or D
Root return ↓↘→·B or D
in vote →↘↓↙←→·B or D
hell bliss (close)→↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←·A or C
Arashiyama (close up)←↙↓↘→←↙↓↘→·B or D
Continuation·Cut the plant back to Arashiyama ←↙↓↘→·B or D
Pull out the roots (normal state) Continue·Cut the plant and return to the middle→↓↘·B or D
Continue·Heaven and Earth Return (Maximum Energy State) Continue·Cut the plant and return to the middle→↓↘·B or D
Hungry Wolf Legend Team
上crocodile → +B
Above ↘+A
Shadow Cut ↙→·A or C
I am fortunate to hit the shadow cut after punching ↓↘→·A or C
Flying Fist ↓↙←·A or C
Rising Dragon Fist →↓↘·A or C
Empty bomb ←↙↓↘→·B or D
The palm of the back of the arm (close body)←↙↓↘→·A or C
Phantom Shiranui (jumping) ↓↘→·B or D
Phantom Shiranui (jaw) Phantom Shiranui in the ground→·A or C
Phantom Shiranui (upper jaw) Phantom Shiranui in the ground→·B or D
Super Rapture ↓↙←↙↓↘→·B or D
Flying Meteor Fist ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
low kick → +B
slide ↘+B
Whirlwind Fist ←↙↓↘→·A or C
Burst Fist A or C double press
Explosive Fist Ends Explosive Fist ↓↘→·A or C
Tiger Broken Foot →↓↘·B or D
electric kick ←↙↓↘→·B or D
The heel of gold falls ↓↙←·B or D
Death Tornado ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
violent hurricane tiger kick ↓↘→↘↓↙←·A or C
hit later → +A
Flame Punch ↓↙←·A or C
Energy wave ↓↘→·A or C
gravel kick ↓↙←·B or D
Jump back and kick →↓↘·A or C
Slam Dunk →↓↘·B or D
Energy supplement ←↙↓↘→·B or D
Energy fountain ↓↙←↙↓↘→·A or C
High rail fountain ↓↘→↓↘→·B or D
Dragon Tiger Fist Team
Sakazaki Ryo
icicle cut → +A
Tiger Huangquan ↓↘→·A or C
Tiger Cannon →↓↘·A or C
Tiger Thor is just jumping →↓↘·A or C
Feiyan Swift Foot →↘↓↙←·B or D
Extreme lingering dance boxing (close body)←↙↓↘→·A or C
Tiger Thunder God Gang ↓↙←·A or C
Tiger Thunder God Brake ↓↘→·B or D
Dragon Tiger Ranbu ↓↘→↘↓↙←·A or C
Bawang Xianghouquan →←↙↓↘→·A or C
Tiandi Bawangquan ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Dragon Flip Kick → +B
The dragon descends the foot →+A
Dragon Strike ↓↘→·A or C
Dragon Tooth →↓↘·A or C
Feiyan Whirlwind Foot →↘↓↙←·B or D
Extreme lingering dance feet ←↙↓↘→·A or C
Long Zhan Xiang →↓↘·B or D
Flying Swallow Dragon God Foot (jumping) ↓↙←·B or D
Dragon Tiger Ranbu ↓↘→↘↓↙←·A or C
Bawang Xianghouquan →←↙↓↘→·A or C
Shadowless gust of heavy foot ↓↘→↓↘→·B or D
Sakazaki Yuri
Other than Yan Luo↑ C or D
98 selection list
Yan Wing →+B
Tiger Huangquan ↓↘→·A or C
Empty tooth →↓↘·A or C
Empty teeth in the empty teeth → ↓↘·A or C
Lei Huangquan ↓↘→·B or D
Bailie palm hit →↘↓↙←·A or C
Feiyan Jifengquan ↓↙←·B or D
Feiyan whirlwind feet ↓↙←·A or C
Bawang Xianghouquan →←↙↓↘→·A or C
Feiyan Phoenix feet ↓↘→↘↓↙←·B or D
Feiyan Lie Kong ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Angry Team
Machine Gun Punch A or C combo
Green Machine Cannon ← (Storage)→·A or C
drop down explosive bomb ↓ (storage) ↑·A or C
(jumping) ↓↘→·A or C
Super Argentina Attack (close)←↙↓↘→·B or D
Ralph kick ←(store)→·B or D
Super Machine Gun Punch ↓↘→↘↓↙←·A or C
Riding Horse Gun Punch ↓↙←↙↓↘→·B or D
Cosmic Phantom ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Heideng fall ↑ other than C or D
Blow → +B
Moonlight Saw ↓ (Storage) ↑·A or C
Mighty Sabre ←(Storage)→·B or D
Smasher, heavy military saber → +D
X caliber gun ↓ (storage) ↑·B or D
Vortex Launcher ←(Storage)→·A or C
Eye Slash ↓↙←·A or C
Earring Blast ↓↙←·B or D
V-shaped gold saw (jumping)↓↘→↘↓↙←·A or C
Spinning spark ↓↙←↙↓↘→·B or D
Gravity Storm ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
jump into the lake of death ↑ outside·C or D
Kick →+B
Machine Gun Punch A or C combo
Napalm (cast) →↓↘·A or C
Rotating Cradle (shooting) ←↙↓↘→·C
Super Arab Rally Blocker (cast) ←↙↓↘→·A
Franken must kill shot (cast) →↓↘·B or D
Super Argentine Obstructor (cast) (close)←↙↓↘→·B or D
Blazing fire flashing elbow (command hit) ↓↘→·A or C
End the Argentine Attack (close)→↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←·A or C
rush to throw ←↘↓↙→←↘↓↙→·B or D
Super Warriors
Zhen Yuan Zhai
Drunk walking and floating attack →+A
calabash attack ↓↙←·A or C
Willow Phosphorus Penglai→↓↘·A or C
Rotating hollow punch ←↙↓↘→·B or D
Drunken Tube Roll Wengzhong→·B or D
Mochizuki is drunk→·B or D
Drunken Tube Roll Weng ↓↓·A or C
Butterfly Attack Salmon Drunken Tube Roll Wengzhong→·A or C
Wangyue drunk ↓↓·B or D
The dragon and snake bounce back Mochizuki drunk in ↑ B
The carp bounces back Mochizuki is drunk ↑ D
Ghost drunk ↓↘→·A or C
Booming Flame Cannon ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Boom bar attracts ↓↘→↘↓↙←·A or C
Shiken Takashi
Tiger Fighter → +A
spin the leg → +B
Super Ball ↓↙←·A or C
Dragon Jaw Broken ←↓↙·B or D
Dragon and Teeth·Earth Dragon ←↙↓↘→·A
Dragon teeth·Tenlong ←↙↓↘→·C
Dragon Claw Attack (jumping) ↓↙←·A or C
Long hit (close)→↓↘·A or C double press
Shenlong desolately cracked feet ↓↘→↘↓↙←·B
Shenlong Tianwu feet ↓↘→↘↓↙←·D
Immortal Qi is activated (close body)↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
meat-eating bun ↓↙←↓↙←·A or C
Asamiya Athena
Spirit shooting ↑ other than C or D
Linked Legs → +B
Phoenix bomb (jumping)↓+B
Mental Power Ball ↓↙←·A or C
Phoenix Arrow (jumping) ↓↙←·B or D
Reflected wave of mental power →↘↓↙←·B
victory scene
Gamma Spiritual Reflex →↘↓↙←·D
draw empty lightsaber →↓↘·A or C
Aerial lightsaber (jumping)→↓↘·A or C
Teleportation ↓↘→·B or D
Super mental penetration (close body)←↙↓↘→·C
Flash crystal wave ←→↘↓↙←·A or C
Crystal super shot, flashing crystal wave ↓↙←·A or C
Sky flashing crystal wave (jumping) ←→↘↓↙←·A or C
Aerial crystal super shot, in the air flashing crystal wave↓↙←·A or C
Phoenix FANG Arrow (jumping)↓↘→↓↘→·B or D
new female fighter team
slide kick ↘+D
Viper Strike ↓↘→·B or D
Double Viper Strike ↓↘→↓↘→·B or D
Landing hit →↓↘·B or D
Tornado Kick →↘↓↙←·B or D
Amazing Rose →↓↘·A or C
Delusional kick →↘↓↙←·A or C
Fantasy Dance ↓↘→↘↓↙←·B or D
Silent Flash ↓↙←↓↙←·B or D
Kagura Chizuru
Deactivation·Zhengzheng →+A
Deactivation·Yuyu →+B
Inactivation·Congyun ↘+B
Baihuo·Tianjin’s Principle →↓↘·A or C
Two hundred styles of two-life · Congratulations on speed →↘↓↙←·A or C or B or D
Two hundred styles of two-life·Quick greetings·Tianrui Quick greetings in action↓↙←·A or C or B or D
Hundred Eight Lives·Sound of Jade Ring ↓↘→·A or C
Two hundred one hundred twenty two live second type top door needle ↓↓·any key
There are eight live and zero skills in the Chu Chu ↓↙←↙↓↘→·A or C
Li and One Live Three Lai Array ↓↘→↓↘→·B or D
Shiranui Mai
Yumezakura ↑ other than C or D
Flaming Crane Dance ↘+B
Black Swallow Dance →+B
The big wheel windmill falls ↓+A
Flower Butterfly Fan ↓↘→·A or C
Dragon Flame Dance ↓↙←·A or C
Flying Dragon Flame Dance →↓↘·B or D
Must Kill Ninja Bee ←↙↓↘→·B or D
Flying Squirrel Dance ↓ (Storage) ↑·A or C
(jumping) ↓↙←·A or C
Dance of the Egret →↓↘·A or C
Super Ninja Bee ↓↙←↙↓↘→·B or D
Phoenix Dance ↓↙←↓↙←·A or C
Waterfowl Dance ↓↘→↓↘→·A or C
Korea Team
Jin Jiafan
Dora Strike → +A
Positioning strike → +B
Feiyan cut ↓ (storage) ↑·B or D
Half Moon Slash ↓↙←·B or D
Flying feet (jumping) ↓↘→·B or D
Meteor Fall ←(Storage)→·B or D
Empty sand dust ↓ (storage) ↑·A or C
Domineering feet ↓↓·B or D
Three combos ↓↙←·A or C (three times possible)
Phoenix feet ↓↙←↙→·B or D
(Jumping)↓↙←↙→·B or D
Phoenix Sky Dance Feet (jumping) ↓↘→↘↓↙←·B or D

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