The King of Fighters 2000 character move game strategy


The King of Fighters 2000 character move game strategy

The King of Fighters 2000 keyboard trick list:

EDIT dedicated team
KyoKusanag Kusashikyo [20 years old]
Palladium iron: close to → or ←+C
Bursting in an instant: Approach → or ←+D
Foreign Style·Axe Yang: →+A
Foreign Style·Narakulu: Jumping↓+C
Eighty-eight style: ↘+D
Hundred Styles·Ghost Burning: →↓↘+A or C
Seven hundred and seven·Du Le Tu: ←↓↙+B or D
Seventy-five Form·Change: ↓↘→+B>B or D>D
Four hundred and twenty-seven styles·Shi Tie: →↘↓↙←+B or D
One hundred fourteen styles·Wild bite: ↓↘→+A
Hundred and Twenty-eight Forms·Nine Injuries: During the bite movement ↓↘→+A or C
Hundred and Twenty-Seven Forms·Baqi: In the barren bite action→↘↓↙←+A or C barren bite→A or C in the nine wound action
Hundred Twenty-Five Types·Nanase: B or D in the barren bite → nine wounds
Foreign style·Making through: Wild bite→A or C in the eight-hand movement
Crane Picking: Bite B or D
One hundred fifteen types·Poisonous bite: ↓↘→+C
Four hundred one type·Song of sin: During the poisonous bite action→↘↓↙←+A or C
Four hundred two styles · Penalty chant: in the chant of sin → +A or C
Ninety Hundred and Ten Styles·Crane Pick (Foreign Style·Tiger Fu/Dragon Shot): ↓↙←+A or C
*Hundred-eight styles · Big Snake Pheasant: ↓↙←↙↓↘→+A or C (for storage)
*Hundred and Eighty-Two Types: ↓↘→↓↘→+A or C (accumulated)
**Li Hundred and Eight Types·Big Snake Pheasant: ↓↙←↙↓↘→+AC (accumulated)
Special assistance: jumping attack and provocation with flames (Sho Kirishima [formerly KOF94 protagonist])

IoriYagami Iori Yagami [20 years old]
Reverse stripping: close to → or ←+C
Reverse peeling: close to → or ←+D
Foreign Style·Dream Ball: →+A》A
Foreign style·Axe Yin·Reaper: →+B
Foreign Style·Lily fold: Jumping ←+B
Hundred Styles·Ghost Burning: →↓↘+A or C
Two hundred twelve patterns·Qin Yueyin: →↘↓↙←+B or D
Hundred and Twenty-Seven Patterns·Sunflower: ↓↙←+A or C (can be three consecutive times)
Chip wind: close to →↘↓↙←→+A or C
Hundred and Eighth Style·Secret Hook Hand↓↘→+A or C
*Forbidden Thousand Two Hundred Eleven Styles·Eight Childish Girls: ↓↘→↘↓↙←+A or C
*Liqian two hundred and seven styles·Dark cut: ↓↘→↓↘→+A or C
**Forbidden Thousand Two Hundred Eleven Styles·Eight Childish Girls: ↓↘→↘↓↙←+AC
Special assistance: the two seize the opponent to strike together (Makrow & Wei Si [KOF])

Korea Team
JhunHoon Choi Hong (Jun Hoon) [32 years old]
Counterattack: Approach → or ←+C
Whirlwind: Approach → or ←+D
eagle attack: → +A
Tiger hunting: → +B (charged for tiger hunting formation)
Waterfall Knee: In the air↓+B
Full Moon Slash: ↓↙←+B or D (B charge for tiger hunting)
Exhaust blow: ↓↙←+B or D (A is charged for eagle formation)
Empty sand dust: ↓Storage↑+A or C (A charging force is the eagle formation)
eagle formation: ↓↓+A (chargeable)
eagle claw feet (upper part): in the eagle formation ↑+C
eagle claw feet (lower part): C in the eagle formation
Tai Chi Po: D
Cut off the attack: in the eagle formation ←/→+B (charged for the tiger hunting formation)
Switching action: table A→inside B/inside B→table A
Tiger Hunting Array: ↓↓+B
Flying Tiger Strike: Tiger Hunting Array ↑+C
Tiger Strike: C
Dragon and Tiger Strike: Hunting Tiger ↓+C
Tai Chi Avoidance: D in the Tiger Hunting Array
Cut for the attack: in the tiger hunting array ←/→+A (charged for the eagle array)
*Phoenix claw feet: ↓↘→↓↘→+B or D
*Fenghuangtian dance feet: in the air↓↘→↓↘→+B or D
**Phoenix claw feet: ↓↘→↓↘→+BD
Special Assistance: Two Tornado Attacks (KALEI)

ChoiBounge Cai Baojian [36 years old]
head by stabbing: approach → or ←+C
Lower blood bump: Approach → or ←+D
Skeleton sudden: →/←+A
Tong Mo Ke:→/←+B
Tornado Slash: ↓ save ↑ + A or C
Flying Slash: ↓Accumulate ↑+B or D (do not release, direction +D can be added in case of strong attack)
Whirlwind Flying Ape Spikes: ←Storage→+A or C
direction conversion: empty split / stab in the direction key + any key
Revolving Flying Monkey: ↓↙←+A or C
Strange Attack on Flying Ape: Revolving Flying Ape hits A or C
Flying feet: in the air↓↘→+B or D
Sad ape confession: →↓↘+B or D
*Really! Super Tornado Vacuum Cut: →↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←+A or C
*Phoenix feet: ↓↘→↘↓↙←+B or D
*Really! Transcendence revolving back to the sharp edge: in the air↓↘→↓↘→+A or C
**Phoenix feet: ↓↘→↘↓↙←+BD
Special assistance: Use meteor fall (Kim Jae Hoon [Hungry Wolf MOW])

ChangKoehan [39 years old]
Break the face: Approach → or ←+C
Lock and strike: Approach → or ←+D
escape: ↘+A
Iron Ball Smashing: ←Storage→+A or C
Giant Slalom: A or C hits in a row
Destruction shot: close to →↘↓↙←→+A or C
Iron Ball Taiko: ←↙↓↘→+B or D
*The iron ball goes wild: ↓↘→↘↓↙←+A or C
*Iron ball crushing: ↓↘→↓↘→+A or C
*Iron ball culling: ↓↘→↓↘→+B or D
**Iron Ball Smash: ↓↘→↓↘→+AC
Special assistance: Thunder attribute “Swallow Slash”, and then provoke the opponent (Jin Donghuan [Hungry Wolf MOW])

Kim Kaphwan Jin Jiafan [30 years old]
First pole fall: close to → or ←+C
Kill shot: approach → or ←+D
Air combo: →+A
Strike: →+B
Half Moon Slash: ↓↙←+B or D
Feiyan cut: ↓store ↑+B or D)
The rising foot of the sky: Heavy Feiyan cuts to the center↓+D
Meteor falls: ← store → +B or D
Flying and falling: in the air↓↘→+B or D
Domineering feet: ↓↓+B or D
*Phoenix legs: ↓↙←↙→+B or D (available in the air)
*Phoenix Sky Dance Feet: ↓↘→↓↘→+B or D
**Phoenix legs: ↓↙←↙→+BD (available in the air)
Special assistance: upgrade to attack, and then provoke the opponent (Jin Xiuyi [Revelation 2])

Female Fighter Team
Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui [21 years old]
Shiranui is just coming: Approaching → or ←+C
Windmill crash: approach → or ←+D
Yume Sakura: C or D except ↑ after approaching in the air
The Red Crane Dance: ↘+B
Black Swallow Dance: →+B
The big wheel windmill falls: in the air↓+A
Ukiba: In the air↓+B
Mountain Cherry: In the air↓+D
Dragon Flame Dance: ↓↙←+A or C
Xiaoye Chidori: ↓↙←+B or D (can be “Dragon Flame Dance)
Flower Butterfly Fan: ↓↘→+A or C
Must kill Ninja Bee: ←↙↓↘→+B or D
Flying Flying Dancing (empty): in the air↓↙←+A or C
Flying Flying Dancing (Earth): ↓store ↑A/C and don’t release
Floating feather: In the dance of flying flying ↓+B or D
Mountain Cherry: In the Dance of Flying Squirrel↓+A or C
Peach Blossom and Bird: (when approaching on the ground after the flying squirrel dance) including ↓ direction + B or D
*Super Ninja Bee: ↓↙←↙↓↘→+B or D
*The dance of waterfowl: ↓↘→↓↘→+A or C
*Dance of the Phoenix Emperor: ↓↙←↓↙←+A or C
**Super Ninja Bee: ↓↙←↙↓↘→+BD
Special assistance: dance a ceremonial dance to restore physical strength (Kagura Chizuru [KOF])

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