The Incredible Hulk game cheats

The Incredible Hulk game cheats

The Incredible Hulk is an action-adventure game based on the Hulk movie.

The Incredible Hulk cheats:
Find “Game Terminal” in the game and enter the password
The effect is as follows:
SANFRAN opens “Hulk Transformed” Movie Art
PITBULL opens “Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs” Movie Art
FIFTEEN opens “Desert Battle” Movie Art
NANOMED Open “Hulk Movie F/X”
JANITOR turns on Gray Hulk
Enter the password in the “Options/Code” of the game:
The effect is as follows:
GMMSKIN = invincible
ANGMNGT = high attack range
GRNCHTR = unlimited renewal
BRNGITN = Enemies get double HP
MMMYHLP = The enemy only has half HP
FSTOFRY = get a punch
BRCESTN = solve puzzles
NMBTHIH = reset the standings
TRUBLVR=Open all cards
parameter settings:
Create an “args.txt” in your game installation directory, and then enter the following:
-Supersoak = turn on all
-Fesoak = enable all features
-Soak = directly from the first level

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