The Hulk cheat codes

Find bai “Game Terminal” (game terminal) in the game, and enter the password du
The effect is as follows:
SANFRAN opens “Hulk Transformed” Movie Art
PITBULL opens “Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs” Movie Art
FIFTEEN opens “Desert Battle” Movie Art
NANOMED opens “Hulk Movie F/X”
JANITOR turns on Gray Hulk
Enter the password in the “Options/Code” of the game:
The effect is as follows:
GMMSKIN invincible effect
ANGMNGT Unabated Fury Groove
GRNCHTR unlimited customs clearance
BRNGITN 2 times the enemy’s health
MMMYHLP enemy health 1/2
FSTOFRY fist attack power increased
NMBTHIH reset high score list
TRUBLVR opens all cards
Sanfran stills when the Hulk transforms
PITBULL The Hulk and the Dog showdown
Stills of FIFTEEN Desert Battle
NANOMED Hulk other movie stills or trailers (probably, I don’t remember)
JANITOR uses the gray giant to play the game (that is, a certain boss in the game)
There is also FLSHWND, which seems to be faster in human form.

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