The Golden Horde game cheats

The Golden Horde game cheats

The Golden Horde game cheats

Turn on cheats mode

Find or create a TheGoldenHorde directory in the game directory and then find or create a local.ini file in the new directory and add the following content:

/// Menu
d_error_silent_mode 1
g_cheats 1
gui_enable_menu_shortcuts 1
d_console 1

/// Render
r_fullscreen 1

//r_width 1280
//r_height 1024

Save and re-enter the game.

Game cheats

In the game, press ~ to open the console, enter the following cheats and press Enter to confirm the corresponding effect:

ch_fast_produce 1 ⇒ speed up the building of human troops
ch_starvation_disable 1⇒No hunger
ch_all_missions_available 1⇒Open all related cards
giveme_all⇒Increase food, 999999 wood, 999999 gold
giveme_food⇒Add food
giveme_wood⇒Add wood
giveme_gold⇒Increase gold
r_fog_of_war 0⇒Remove the fog of war
ch_add_item_to_curr_player⇒Add items
Map editor

Press [Ctrl] + E on the main interface to open the map editor.

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