The Evil Within game cheats

The Evil Within game cheats

The Evil Within game cheats

Start the game
First use the command line +com_allowconsole 1 to start the game.

general user:

1. Right click on the game shortcut => Properties

2. Find the target (T) in the shortcut bar and add +com_allowconsole 1 after the .exe. Note that there must be a space between the .exe and +.

Steam users:

The Evil Within game cheats 1

How to enter:
In the game, press [Insert] to open the console, enter the following cheat instructions, and press Enter to confirm the corresponding effect.
Cheats list:
God⇒God Mode
Noclip⇒through-wall mode
G_infiniteammo⇒Infinite ammo
G_stoptime 1 ⇒ time stands still
G_stoptime 0⇒Shutdown time
Toggledebugcamera⇒Switch whether to free view
R_forceaspectratio #⇒
Black border settings
The default is 2.5
0 means no black border
1.8-2 is the best value

R_swapinterval #⇒Set the frame rate lock mode
-2 is the default setting to lock 30 frames
-1 is set to lock 60 frames
0 is set to not limit the frame rate
Com_showFPS⇒show fps
Startslowmotion 2 ⇒ start slow motion
Stopslowmotion⇒Stop slow motion

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