The Evil Within 2 game cheats

1. Open the properties interface of the game on Steam, and then select the set startup option.

2. Enter +com_allowconsole 1 in it (D version players can add it in the game shortcut)

3. Enter the game, and then press the Insert key to open the console (then the D version is the same).

Console code

Bink_framerate 60 Set the frame rate to 60

GiveFileItem 1 All documents and all key items (will cause the key items to be unable to be picked up)

G_infiniteAmmo 1 Infinite Ammo

OpenUICostumechange 1 Open the costume interface (change the costume in one week will cause it to be stuck)

OpenSaveGameMenu 1 Open the archive interface (after saving at a non-archiving point, the file cannot be located and dropped under the map)

OpenUpgradeMenu 1 Open character upgrade

OpenInventoryMenu 1 Open gun upgrade

PL_FPS 1 First person mode

SetPartnerHealth Set partner health

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