The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Common Game Cheats


At any time in the game, just press the “~” keyboard symbol to open the console, and then press “~” to close the console. Some commands need to specify the target, the way is to open the console first, then use the mouse to select the corresponding target and then enter the command.

player.placeatme 000FEA9B
Brush Dragon

Additional information:
The item code, task code, location code, etc. mentioned below can all be found using CS (Construction Set).

1. kill
Use the mouse to select people or other creatures, and enter commands to kill in seconds.

2. unlock
Use the mouse to select the door or box, and enter the command to open it.

3. lock #
Lock the door or box selected by the mouse with a lock of rank #. #Must be between 1 and 100

4. set timescale to #
Set the game time to # times the real time. It is recommended to set it to 1, the speed of time passing in the game world is the same as the real world, and it is more substituting

5. tgm
Invincible mode

6, tfh
Open detailed help

7, help
Console command list

8, qqq
Exit the game directly

9, tcai
Switch combat artificial intelligence

10. tfc
Switch free viewing angle. Try the feeling of becoming a ghost. .

11. caqs
Complete all tasks

12. ShowSubtitle
Switch NPC dialogue subtitles

13, psb
Get all spells

14. SexChange

15, tcl
Switch through the wall mode

6. TDT
Switch Debug mode (FPS, etc.)

17, TM
Open and close all menus (recommended to use when taking screenshots, it would be cool without the obstructive compass)

18. SSG
Generate an Oblivion World Scene Graph window. Don’t try it lightly, because it will stop the game for a long time. It’s best to save before trying.

Switch artificial intelligence detection

20, TLL
Switch vision

21, TS
Switch sky

22, TLV
Switch leaves

23, TWF
Switch frame mode. It is to let you see countless polyhedrons and understand how those 3-dimensional objects are composed.

24, TAI
Switch artificial intelligence

25, TG
Switch grass

26, TT
Switch trees

27, tws
Switch water

28, player.additem 0000000F #
Increase # number of gold coins

29, player.AddItem 00000000 #
Get the item # with the code name 00000000

30, player.AddSpell 00000000
Get the spell code 00000000

31, player.PlaceAtMe <formid>
Spawn an item or creature codenamed <formid> in front of the player

32, player.PlaceAtMe <formid>, #, <x>, <y>
Generate items or creatures codenamed <formid> at coordinates x and y on the map#

33, player.removeitem <FormID> #
Remove the item codenamed <FormID># from you

34, player.removespell <FormID>
Remove the spell codenamed <FormID>

35, modpcs skill name #
Skills corresponding to the skill name, such as sneak, add # skill points

36, modpca attribute name #
The attribute corresponding to the attribute name, such as luck, add #dot

37, player.setlevel #
Change the character level to #, # must be greater than or equal to 1, and less than or equal to 255

38, advlevel
Upgrade now

39. player.setAV skill or attribute name #
Set the value of the skill or attribute named “skill or attribute name” to #

40, advskill skill name #
The skill corresponding to the skill name goes up # level, such as advskill blade 5

41, ShowRaceMenu
Bring up the change race window

42. Showbirthsignmenu
Bring up the change birth sign window

43, showclassmenu
Call up the career change window

44, hairtint (red/green/blue)
Change hair color

45, SetPCFame
Increase Fame a little

46, SetPCInfamy
Increase Infame a little

47, TFOW
Switch fog of war

48, FOV #
Change the field of view to # degrees, the default setting is 75 degrees

49, setcamerafov #
Set the camera field of view to # degrees. The default setting is 75 degrees

50, setscale #
First use the mouse to select the corresponding object, and then enter the command to change the size of the object to # times the original. # Must be between 0.5 and 2.0.
Walking speed, jumping height, attack distance, etc. will all change proportionally.

51, stopcombat
First use the mouse to select the object, and then enter the command to immediately stop the battle, whether the opponent is a friend or an enemy.

52. player.setcrimegold 0
Clear the bounty from yourself. It should be noted that if you are being chased by guards, you must leave the city and come back for the order to take effect.

53, player.payfine
The guard stops attacking and the bounty on your head is cleared.

54, coc #
Send to the place codenamed #. For example, coc toddtest will send players to the test site of game developers.

55, resurrect
Resurrect the person or monster selected by your mouse

56, showfullquestlog [quest id]
Display all record information of the task codenamed [quest id]

57, showquestlog
Display task record information

58, showquestlog 0
Display current task record information

59, showquestlog 1
Display completed task record information

60, showquesttargets or sqt
Show current task status

61, player.getstage <QuestID>
Display the current stage value of the task codenamed <QuestID>.

62, player.setstage <QuestID> <Stage>
Set the task codenamed <QuestID> to stage <Stage>. For example, player.setstage TG04Mistake 69

63, movetoqt
It appears directly in front of the target corresponding to the current Active Quest. People who think it is troublesome know how to be lazy now. . Ha ha

64, player.completequest <FormID>
Complete the task codenamed <FormID> immediately

65, togglemapmarkers 0/1
The switch shows all locations on the map, 0 means the map is fully closed, 1 is fully open

66. savegame [filename]

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