The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion game cheats

During the game, press [~] at any time to turn on the console. When the console is open, there are multiple commands available, and some commands need to be selected with the mouse to select a specific target before inputting. details as follows:

·Click on any character or creature, type “kill” (without quotes), the effect is that the character or creature will die immediately.

·Click on any locked door or box and type “unlock” (without quotes), the effect is to unlock the door or box.

·Without selecting any target, directly enter “tgm” (without quotation marks), the effect is to turn on God mode.

First enter the game, press “~” to call out the console, click the player with the mouse, a prompt in the format of “player name (00000014)” will appear at the top of the screen, which means you have selected the target.

Then enter MODPCA+space+attribute name+space+value. For example (MODPCA LUCK 100) you can increase your LUCK attribute by 100 points. The upper limit of each attribute is 255. If it exceeds it, it will start from 0. SPEED attribute is best not Over 100, otherwise the walking speed will make you depressed.

Or enter MODPCS+space+skill name+space+numerical value. For example, (MODPCA BLUNT 100) can increase your BLUNT skill by 100 points. The upper limit is also 255 points. Do not exceed 100 for action skills.

You can open the character property bar and input according to it, which is more convenient

there are a few useful cheats

KILL Kill the unit you choose (the method of selecting the target is the same as choosing your own method, just click)

UNLOCK unlock the selected target

TGM God mode, including unlimited ammo, invincibility, unlimited spirit, unlimited mana, weapons will not be damaged.

How to turn on the screenshot button:
Find Oblivion_default.ini in the game directory, open it with Notepad, and


changed to


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