The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats


Scorched Dryad dlc2sprigganburnt

Thirskriekling dlc2thirskriekling

bear man beast dlc2werebearbeast

dog dog [Do not walk sideways]

Dog partner dogcompanion [Do not walk sideways]

dragon  dragon [No sideways, no action script]

dragonblack dragonblack [Do not walk sideways]

dragon priest dragonpriest

ghoul draugr

ghoul magic draugrmagic

dremora dremora

dwarven centurion dwarvencenturion

dwarven mechanical ball dwarvensphere

dwarven spider dwarvenspider

old man elder [changeable vampire]

Snow Fairy falmer

fox fox [Do not walk sideways]


giant giant

goat [don’t walk sideways]

Goat domesticated goatdomestics 【No sideways】

Crow hagraven

hare hare [Do not walk sideways]

high elf highelf [changeable vampire]

Three-tusked walrus horker [Do not walk sideways]

Horse [Do not walk sideways]

frost ghost icewraith

imperial [variable vampire, child]


khajiit khajiit [changeable vampire]

magic anomaly magicanomaly

mammoth [cannot walk sideways]

manakin [The figure is male, changes after dressing]

dog mg07dog

mud crab mudcrab

Nord people nord [changeable vampire, child]
Orc orc [changeable vampire]

redguard redguard [variable vampire]

rigid skeleton rigidskeleton

Sabrecat [Do not walk sideways]

Snow Sabrecatsnowy [Do not walk sideways]

Snow Mouse skeever [Do not walk sideways]

Snow Mouse skeeverwhite white 【Do not walk sideways】

Skeleton skeleton

Skeleton armor skeletonarmor

Necromancer skeletonnecro

Necropriest skeletonnecropriest

piranha slaughterfish [Do not walk sideways]

Ancient Snow Elf snowelf

tree spirit spriggan


Treant guardian sprigganmatron

tree spirit leaf group sprigganswarm

leaf group swarm



frosttroll frosttroll

whitestag whitestag

Ghost wisp

ghost shadow wispshade

witchlight witchlight

werewolf werewolfbeast

Wolf [Do not walk sideways]

Wood Elf woodelf [Changeable Vampire]

undeaddragon undeaddragon [cannot walk sideways]

Astrid (player.) setrace+space+nordraceastrid

Brighton Vampire Child (player.) setrace+space+bretonracechildvampire

Large frostbiter spider (player.) setrace+space+frostbitespiderracelarge

giant frostbiter spider (player.) setrace+space+frostbitespiderracegiant

Frost Troll Armor (player.) setrace+space+trollfrostracearmored

Troll Armor (player.) setrace+space+trollracearmored


commands may cause abnormal skill levels…please use caution…

Becoming certain races may cause wrong angle of view, head conflict, body disappearance, etc…

Becoming a vampire may result in the inability to become a lord, the hunger level will not increase over time, etc…

Becomes a dwarf centurion and can’t use weapons, magic, etc… can attack with bare hands… can walk sideways, fall back… can’t jump, dash… can open inventory, magic bar, task bar, etc…

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