The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats


Disease (Disease):

Ataxia 25% increase in difficulty of unlocking and theft b877c/10a24a

Black Heart Blight x01ff2e

Bone Break Fever (Bone Break Fever) consumes 25 stamina b877e/10a24c

Weakness to Fire (Weakness to Fire) 10f1eb

Brain Rot (Brain Rot) costs 25 mana b877f/10a24d

Malaise (Droops) x0285c1

Rattles, stamina recovery speed is halved b8781/10a24e

Rockjoint reduces the effectiveness of melee weapons by 25% b8782/10a24f

Sanguinare Vampiris (Sanguinare Vampiris) b8780

Weakness to Sunlight: Cr Vampire Sun Damage f5b5d, Vampire Sun Damage 01 c1e8b, Vampire Sun Damage 02 ed09a, Vampire Sun Damage 03 ) Ed09b, Vampire Sun Damage 04 (Vampire Sun Damage 04) ed09c

Witbane Mana recovery speed is halved b8783/10a250


Some codes may not be displayed in the activated status bar…

Pay bounty:

player.paycrimegold+space+number#+space+number*+space+area code [number# represents whether to go to prison, 0 means not to be sent to the local prison, 1 means to be sent to the prison, the default is 1; number* means whether to confiscated Items, 0 means the stolen items will not be confiscated, 1 means the stolen items are admitted and confiscated, the default is 0]

Area Codes:

Dawnstar 2816e

Falkreath (Falkreath) 28170

Markarth 2816c

Morthal 2816d

Raven Rock x018279 【DB】

Riften 2816b

Solitude 29db0

雪漫 (Whiterun) 267ea

Windhelm 267e3

Winterhold (Winterhold) 2816f


The bounty will be deducted from the backpack… It looks like it needs to be input with the weapon stowed… After the input, the guard stops attacking the player… But the surrounding NPCs (such as followers, horses, and friendly NPCs, etc.) will still remain hostile to the guard…

(Player.)setactoralpha+space+number [number 0 is transparent, 1 and above are opaque]


(player.) setav+space+aggression+space+number [The number 0 is non-aggression, 1 is aggressive, 2 is highly aggressive, and 3 is crazy]

Confidence value:

(player.) setav+space+confidence+space+number [The number 0 is a coward, 1 is cautious, 2 is the mean, 3 is brave, 4 is brute force]

Mood value:

(player.) setav+space+mood+space+number [Number 1 is normal, 2 is anger, 3 is fear, 4 is joy, 5 is sadness, 6 is surprise, 7 is confused, 8 is disgusting]

Moral value:

(player.) setav+space+morality+space+number [The number 0 is any crime, 1 is evil to suppress evil, 2 is property crime, 3 is innocence]


Change setav to getav to get data…Invasion value can solve the problem of NPC hitting people for no reason to a certain extent…Confidence value can be used to solve the problem of escaping during battle…Mood value may change the expression on the face…




Forcerefintoalias follower










Skill effect increase:

(player.) setav+space+skill name+powermod+space+number [number represents the effect of adjusting to the original 1+(n/100) times that is an increase of n%, the default is 0]

Skill name:


change system alteration 【extended duration】

Archery marksman [Increase damage points]

Block block

Summoning system conjuration 【Extended duration of summon】

destruction system destruction [Increase the damage points, and the duration does not extend]


Illusory illusion [The effect level is increased, the duration is not extended]

重甲 heavyarmor

轻甲 lightarmor

unlock lockpicking

one-handed weapon onehanded

steal pickpocket

sneak sneak

eloquence speechcraft

Restoration system restoration [The number of restoration points, the number of enchantment negation points, and the number of enhanced protection points have been increased across the board]

Forging smithing

two-handed weapon twohanded


This command can only increase the whole system…cannot increase the effect of a certain trick alone…

Changing setav to forceav may cause conflicts and cause ghost effects…please use with caution…

There is no upper limit for the number…but it’s better not to be too big…otherwise it’s easy to break the file…for example, a few hours of slow-down effect makes it impossible to search for corpses, dialogue, etc….or it may cause the panel data to overflow…but it has no effect on the actual effect…such as displaying a call The object lasts for -n seconds… but does not affect the real duration…

Some effects cannot be removed with removespell etc…

There is no (dragon) shoutpowermod…Because Dragon Roar is not a skill that can be improved…Each Dragon Roar effect has its own department and is affected by the increase of the corresponding department…

Slow time, elemental fury, dragon appearance, etc. belong to the alteration system (Alteration)…Unremitting power, etc. belong to the destruction system (Destruction)…The heroic cry, etc. belong to the summoning system (Conjuration)…

Skill upgrade:

(player.) setav+space+skill name+space+number [number stands for setting the level directly without increasing the character level progress bar]

(Player.) advskill+space+skill name+space+number [number represents experience value, not necessarily upgrade, progress bar for increasing character level]

(Player.)incpcs+space+skill name [Each time you upgrade by 1 level, you will increase the character level progress bar]

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