The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats



Azura’s Star (Azura’s Star) 63b27

Black Star 63b29

Broken Azura’s Star (Broken Azura’s Star) 28ad7

Elder Scroll:

Elder Scroll (Dragon) 2d513/x0126dc [The second code is DG]

The Elder Scroll (Blood) x0118f9 [DG]

The Elder Scroll (Sun) (Elder Scroll (Sun)) x011a13 【DG】

The Elder Scrolls x01a958 【DG】

Heavy taste:

Ancient Traveler’s Skull (Ancient Traveler’s Skull) f6767 [Wayward Pass]

Ancient Vampire Arm (Ancient Vampire Arm) x005706 【DG】

Ancient Vampire Hands (Ancient Vampire Hands) x005705 【DG】

Ancient Vampire Head x005704 【DG】

Ancient Vampire Leg (Ancient Vampire Leg) x005703 【DG】

Ancient Vampire Ribcage x005707 【DG】

阿瓦克’s Skull (Arvak’s Skull) x002b29 【DG】

Burnt Astrid 4d6d1 (RefID) 4d6d0 (BaseID)

Bone Hawk Claw x011cf7 【DG】

Bone Hawk Skull x002993 【DG】

Draugr 80090/80091/80092/80093/80094/8008d/8008e/8008f/db047 [Still]

Glenmoril Witch Head (Glenmoril Witch Head) 2996f

Habd’s Remains (Habd’s Remains) 75868

Pelagius’ Hip Bone (Pelagius’ Hip Bone) 4286c

Potema’s Skull (Potema’s Skull) 9e01f [Quest The Wolf Queen Awakened]

Sacrifice (Sacrifice) x0367b0 (RefID) x0367b1 (BaseID) [DB]

Skeleton Horse Leg x01a87f 【DG】

Skull af5fd/x020dcf [The second code is DB, Kolbjorn Barrow]

Susanna with scars d2c9e/d5811 (RefID) d2c9d/d5810 (BaseID)

Troll Skull 319e4

Wound Test 106390/106392

Yisra ef5f7 (RefID) d4ff9 (BaseID) ef5f6 (FormID) [The first and third codes are burnt corpses, and the second code is ice corpses]

The desecrated corpse ebad8/ebe06 [The first code is Empire, the second code is Storm Cloak]

dry corpse 20668

Mammoth Corpse d4ffd

Blooded cloth cc84d

Chief Mage Germund e7a36

Burnt Astrid Body 7eaf1

Charred corpse 42745/42746/42747/42748/42749/dd060/dd061/ebcc4

Eagle Corpse 105821

Ghost Heart 10eb29

Ghost wreck c674b

Spider Tennis 20669/2066a
Dragon Priest Mask:

Azdal (Ahzidal) x0240fe 【DB】

Dukaan x0240ff 【DB】

Hevnoraak 61cc1

Konahrik (Konahrik) 61cd6

Krosis 61cb9

Miraak x039d2b/x039d2e/x039d2f/x039fa1/x039fa2/x039fa3 [DB]

Morokei 61c8b

Nahkriin 61ca5

Otar 61cc2

Rahgot 61cc0

Vokun 61cc9

Volsung 61cab

Wooden Mask 61cca

Zahkriisos (Zahkriisos) x024037 【DB】

Masque of Clavicus Vile d2846

尊之面(Visage of Mzund) x038add 【DB】

Yalongren series of books:

The Lusty Argonian Maid (Volume 1) (The Lusty Argonian Maid, v1) 1acef

The Lusty Argonian Maid (Volume 2) (The Lusty Argonian Maid, v2) f699d

The Lusty Argonian Maid Folio (The Lusty Argonian Maid Folio) x02bac7 【DB】

The Coquettish Argonian Poet (Volume 1) (The Sultry Argonian Bard, v1) x006925 [DG]

Dragon Roar CD:

Player.setav+space+shoutrecoverymult+space+number [The number represents a multiple of the original CD time, 0 means no CD, 0.5 means half, 1 means normal, 2 means double]

Player.forceav+space+shoutrecoverymult+space+number 【Forced modification, use with caution】

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