The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats


Ulfric suit:

Ulfric’s Clothes (Ulfric’s Clothes) 62303

Ulfric’s Boots (Ulfric’s Boots) 62311

Ulfric’s Bracers (Ulfric’s Bracers) 6230b

Ulfric’s Gag (Ulfric’s Gag) f9670

Vampire suit:

Vampire Armor x0142c7/x0191f2/x0191f3 【DG】

Vampire Boots x00b5de/x019ae1 【DG】

Vampire Gauntlets x01a51f 【DG】

Vampire Gloves x019ae3 【DG】

Vampire Hood x019ade 【DG】

Vampire Lord Armor (Vampire Lord Armor) x011a84 【DG】

Vampire Robes x019adf 【DG】

Vampire Royal Armor x00b5db/x011a85/x0194c5 【DG】


Windhelm Guard 3ef2c/fce80/fce89/fce8b/fce8c (BaseID)

Falkreath Hold:

Falkreath Guard (Falkreath Guard) ec6ec/fce7c (BaseID)


Haafingar/Haafingar Guard (Haafingar Guard) 10636e (BaseID)

Solitude Guard 2e1f0/f684e (BaseID)

Stormcloak Guard (Stormcloak Guard) 100750 (BaseID)

Yar Frontier/Hjaalmarch (Hjaalmarch):

Yar Frontier/Hjaalmarch Guard (Hjaalmarch Guard) 2c81a (RefID) 2c81b (BaseID)

Morthal Guard (Morthal Guard) 604f4 (BaseID)

Stormcloak Guard 2c817 (RefID) 2c81c (BaseID)

(The Pale):

Dawnstar Guard (Dawnstar Guard) 2d794 (BaseID)

Pale Hold Guard 43d1d (RefID) 43d22 (BaseID)

Roadside Guard 43d20 (RefID) 43d21 (BaseID)

(The Reach):

Markarth City Guard (Markarth City Guard) 537f2/5cf3f (BaseID)

Reach Hold Guard 5ca41 (RefID) 9e481 (BaseID)

Silver-Blood Guard 3680a (BaseID)

(The Rift):

Imperial Guard (Imperial Guard) 2123f/2a3d7/45853 (BaseID)

Ivarstead Guard (Ivarstead Guard) 21240 (BaseID)

Rift Guard 303e7/9415d (RefID) 30275/303ed/9415f (BaseID)

Riften Guard f1aa6/f62ef/f62f0 (BaseID)

Shor’s Stone Guard (Shor’s Stone Guard) 2a3d8 (BaseID)

(Whiterun Hold):

(Whiterun Guard) 101997/a27cc/a4a3b (BaseID)


Winterhold Guard 24b63/fceeb/fceec/fceed (BaseID)


Redoran Guard/Redoran Guard x033d0b/x033d0f/x033d14/x03ca54/x03ca55/x03ca56/x0195b8/x0195b9/x0195ba/x0195bb/x0195bc/x0195bd/x0195b1/x0195b2/x0195b1/0195b/x0195b1/RefID) /x0195b4/x0195b5/x0195b6/x0195b7/x033d09/x033d11/x033d0d/x03ca51/x03ca52/x03ca53 (BaseID) [DB]

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