The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim All Game Cheats


Executioner suit:

Executioner’s Boots (Executioner’s Boots) cf8b0 [Part of the calf disappears when a woman wears it]

Executioner’s Gloves (Executioner’s Gloves) cf8b1

Executioner’s Hood (Executioner’s Hood) cf8b2

Executioner’s Robes (Executioner’s Robes) cf8b3


Some codes conflict with the head when worn by certain races…

Some codes differ in appearance when worn by men and when worn by women…

Forsworn suit:

Forsworn Armor (Forsworn Armor) 5d008/5d009/d8d50 [The first and second codes show the male Forsworn Briarheart body shape when worn, the first code has a heart, and the second code has no heart 】

Forsworn Boots (Forsworn Boots) d8d4e

Forsworn Gauntlets (Forsworn Gauntlets) d8d55

Forsworn Headdress (Forsworn Headdress) d8d52

Fur suit:

Fur Armor (Fur Armor) 6f393/10594b/10594d/10594f

Fur Boots a6d7f

Fur Bracers 6f39b

Fur Helmet 6f39e

General Falx Carius suit:

Falx Armor x01a574 【DB】

Falx Boots x01a573 【DB】

Falx Gauntlets x01a575 【DB】

Falx Helmet x01a576 【DB】

Carius’ Armor (General Carius’ Armor) x0376f1 【DB】

Glass (Glass) set:

Glass Armor (Glass Armor) 13939

Glass Boots 13938

Glass Gauntlets 1393a

Glass Helmet 1393b

Greybeard suit:

Greybeard’s Boots (Greybeard’s Boots) 36a46

Greybeard’s Hood (Greybeard’s Hood) 36a45

Greybeard’s Robes (Greybeard’s Robes) 36a44

Headless Horseman suit:

Steel Plate Armor (Steel Plate Armor) 10b2fd [Headless when wearing]

Steel Plate Boots 10b2ff

Steel Plate Gauntlets 10b300
Leather (Hide) suit:

Leather Armor (Hide Armor) 13911

Leather Boots (Hide Boots) 13910

Leather Bracers (Hide Bracers) 13912

Leather Helmet (Hide Helmet) 13913

Studded Armor 1b3a2

Imperial (Imperial) suit:

Imperial Armor (Imperial Armor) 136d5

Imperial Boots (Imperial Boots) 136d6

Imperial Bracers (Imperial Bracers) 136d4

Imperial Helmet Craftable (Imperial Helmet Craftable) 13edc

Imperial Helmet Full-face (Imperial Helmet Full-face) 9610d

Imperial Officer’s Helmet (Imperial Officer’s Helmet) 136cf

Imperial Light suit:

Imperial Light Armor (Imperial Light Armor) 13ed9

Imperial Light Boots (Imperial Light Boots) 13ed7

Imperial Light Bracers (Imperial Light Bracers) 13eda

Imperial Light Helmet (Imperial Light Helmet) 13edb

Studded Imperial Armor (Studded Imperial Armor) 13ed8

Iron suit:

Iron Armor 12e49

Iron Boots 12e4b

Iron Gauntlets 12e46

Iron Helmet 12e4d

Banded Iron Armor (Banded Iron Armor) 13948

Jester suit:

Jester’s Boots (Jester’s Boots) cee70

Jester’s Clothes(Jester’s Clothes) cee6e

Jester’s Gloves (Jester’s Gloves) cee74

Jester’s Hat (Jester’s Hat) cee72

Karlia (Karliah) set:

Karliah’s Armor (Karliah’s Armor) e35e8

Karliah’s Boots (Karliah’s Boots) e35e7

Karliah’s Gloves (Karliah’s Gloves) e35e9

Karliah’s Hood (Karliah’s Hood) e35ea

Leather suit:

Leather Armor (Leather Armor) 3619e

Leather Boots 13920

Leather Bracers 13921

Leather Helmet 13922

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